How do I infest a building as zerg?

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  3. How do I infest a building as zerg?

User Info: FF_Guru_79

7 years ago#1
The only melee combat achivement I still need is the one where you have to warp in a zealot from an infested gateway. Only problem is, I don't know how to infest buildings! I thought infestors did the job but apparently not. Any ideas?
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User Info: GreatTeamPlayer

7 years ago#2
You can't get this achievement yet. The ability to infest buildings will come when Heart of the Swarm is released, sorry.
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User Info: ultra_mc

7 years ago#3
How come my command center got infested in MP once? (remove 0)
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User Info: DazuroGhenari

7 years ago#4
What? You have to use an infestor to Neural Parasite a probe, build a nexus, then build more probes or re-infest that probe until you can tech up to Zealots.
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User Info: Shijimmy

7 years ago#5
Like Mort said, you need to parasite a probe and do the whole building order thing. Good thing is that the probe only has to start the nexus. As long as it finishes without being destroyed, you just got yourself a protoss starter set while playing zerg.

On a different note, the "infestation" ultra talks about, seems like the overseer's ability to stop unit production. It's a whole different kind of infestation.
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User Info: veKtory

7 years ago#6
I got the achievement just by using a teammate's gateway to make a zealot after he dropped.
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User Info: Lost Hope

Lost Hope
7 years ago#7
use infestor to control a nexus and pylon, build probe, then gateway, then your zealot...simple.

User Info: Venton

7 years ago#8
you're either trolling, or an overseer used contamination. it just makes it so that you cant build anything from there for like 30 seconds
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  3. How do I infest a building as zerg?

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