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User Info: Fa1nTy

7 years ago#11
You don't actually gain defense, doesn't every unit just get +5% hp?

I find more hp to be useless for Terrans, since they got so many healing options. However, add in +5% attack to stimmed marines and marauders and units like banshee and vikings, and it's much more useful o.o
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User Info: Fa1nTy

7 years ago#12
Lastex, that's the point.

When you have fast attack, a percentage modifier gives you EVEN BETTER RESULTS.

If a marine attacked 100 times in 60 seconds, with stim pack it would be 150 times in 60 seconds. With +5% added to that already high number, they would attack 158 times in 60 seconds.

At the flip side, a lot of terran units have low/medium hp. Marines get 55 correct? Meaning +5% of that is only 58. You get 3 hp for them

Marauders get 125 + 5% = 131
PSN : Fa1nT6
Playing Darksiders/Starcraft II, Waiting for FFXIV and Diablo III

User Info: LordZero2007

7 years ago#13

Attack Speed vs Armor - That depends on your strategy.... if you prefer the all out assault, Attack Speed helps. But if you like camping more, then Armor is a better choice.

Instant Depot vs 25% Vespene Boost - No challenge. Instant Depot wins by a mile. The 10 seconds saved makes a whole lot of difference between victory and defeat.

Auto Refinery vs Double SCV training - Many people preferred the Double SCV because it allows quicker gathering of minerals. But come to think of it, you waste 150 minerasl to get 3 SCVs for collecting vespene gas, while you can get the same 3 SCVs to help you mine the minerals. Furthermore, if your SCVs are destroyed, at least you have the Refinery still running for you. Therefore, I go with Auto Refinery here.

Raven vs Science Vessel - If you get the Bio-Steel, then Raven is a better choice here. But even if you don't, I still suggest the Raven - getting Science Vessels to repair your units where an SCV can do that for 1/3 of the cost later in the game doesn't sound like good business to me.

Tech Reactor vs Orbital Strike - Tech Reactor. Simple as that.


Auto Turret vs Bunker Health - It's up to your preference. Auto Turret helps when attacking Tier 1 and airbourne units (especially en-massed with Marines inside), but a huge boost in the Bunkers' health gives a whole new meaning to "Undefeatable". I chose the Auto Turret.... but like I said, it's up to your preference.

Fortress vs Perdition Turret - Perdition Turret. Using a Command Centre as a defence structure looks kinda odd, and the inability to fly after installing the Fortress is a turn-off for me.

Predator vs Hercules - I hope you chose Hercules. Predator is just.... urgh.

Specialist vs Bio-Steel - Bio-Steel. The ability to regenerate health overtime is REALLY HELPFUL especially when trying to conserve minerals building more units.

Hive Mind vs Psi Disrupter - Hive mind works like the Mind Control Tower of Yuri's Revenge... and if a Brutalisk / Brood Lords comes right to your base, start smiling. Psi Distruper is also useful - it gives you AMPLE of time to demolish a huge group of Zergs with your Siege Tanks and Bunkers. This research is up to you to decide - both are handy.

User Info: silentbobus

7 years ago#14
Why would you ever need instant depot unless you fall behind on the management of your base? All you have to do is stay a depot or two ahead and you're fine.

User Info: silentbobus

7 years ago#15
I was thinking that the bonus to attack speed would outweigh the health bonus depending on how the math was calculated. It seems like health bonus would be pretty straightforward. If you had a +100% bonus your unit would be able to absorb twice as much damage. But a reduction in cooldown time of 50% would allow your units to deal twice as much damage (if that is how the increase is firing rate is calculated) I can't say for sure without seeing the internal mechanics.

User Info: Maximoom

7 years ago#16

Tech reactor: training 2 medics or 2 marauders at once is freaking awesome.

Science vessel: i love to have the option to heal my goliaths and siege tanks while i am sieging my enemy.

Automated refinery: i dont create that many scvs to make the other option usefull, dont remember using more then 20scvs at once.

orbital depots: i hate when i need to call my mercs and have to wait for building a lot of depots. i am always build at least 5 depots at once, soo its good to me. Also, running 2 or 3 automated refinerys is enough to dont have problems with gas demand.

Ultra capacitor: I prefer 15% attack speed upgrade (5% per upgrade, up to 3) over 15% extra hp. That means my units will always attack first, also its great to have a bunker that shoots 15% faster.


Hive Mind Emulator: just love to be able to convert units.

Cellular reactor: its always better to start with "mana" and having a higher "mana. I choosed the other option, but i regret this sometimes.

Hercules: that transport ship can go straight to a enemy base while taking heavy fire and can still be able to unload the units where you need it (the ship is 110% gone, but at least did his job).

Perdition turret: it always good to have more option to defense. Also, why you need a stuck command center with better armor? that armor cant save it if its going to be seriously attacked.

Fortified bunker: 150% extra equals to 40% extra hp. while that extra "firepower" is basically a extra marine in it. Of a bunker that can hold 6 marines, its about 15% extra attack power, thats ridiculous.

User Info: FurryFox

7 years ago#17
The specialist mana upgrade saved my ass on supernova.

User Info: CursedAnubis

7 years ago#18
These upgrades don't carry over to multiplayer
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User Info: KevinceKostner

7 years ago#19
Yeah these upgrades are only used in single player, and just the already missions even easier, doesn't matter what you choose.
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User Info: mcah5

7 years ago#20
I got Orbital Strike over Tech Reactor. I can see why Tech Reactor is desirable on some levels where you defend only, but Orbital Strike is a lot of fun (it's like I'm really playing Protoss!)

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