Any strategy to beat In Utter Darkness Brutal without DT Wall?

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  3. Any strategy to beat In Utter Darkness Brutal without DT Wall?

User Info: Milon

6 years ago#1
I am looking for another way to beat this level without DT Wall, any advice?

User Info: funkyfritter

6 years ago#2
Mass colossi until you get void rays. Then mass void rays until you get carriers. Then mass carriers while building more cannons. Make sure you upgrade and saturate your mineral lines. Use phoenix to lift up hybrids.

User Info: Rawrbomb

6 years ago#3
Basically what he said ^

Except don't bother with carriers. Void rays do more DPS per cost.

User Info: Milon

6 years ago#4
But all these units are gas heavy, do I need to expand to the top left area for more gas?

User Info: Manick2005

6 years ago#5

Massing Colossi on brutal? This didn't even work for me on hard. Being that they are so expensive, I had three problems when trying this:

1) I had very little resources to build air defenses or rebuild photon cannons after each wave, and since colossi can't attack air they were useless when zerg starts sending in flyers from multiple directions.
2) They are slow, and took too long to relocate at whichever choke point was being attacked currently if I decided to keep them together. If I kept them evenly distributed between all 3 chokes, there weren't ever enough of them to do enough damage before they got overwhelmed.
3) Even if I left them on the cliffs, they would be vulnerable to air attacks.

Maybe I'm just a bad player and I won't deny that possibility, but it just didn't seem like a very effective unit to me for this mission.

User Info: Milon

6 years ago#6

Still need answer because I ran out of gas to build all those units.

User Info: Nightblade96

6 years ago#7
You can use the top left expo for more resources, but the downside if that you'll need a DT wall to keep it safe...

You can always try building cannons everywhere you can find, don't know how well that can work though.
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User Info: Casetuar

6 years ago#8
I know that getting the 750 achievement was super easy upgrading everything to 3-3 but i haven't played it on brutal so take that advice for what its worth.

User Info: Milon

6 years ago#9
Bump because there is still no solid answers so far

I have already won with DT wall but I want a new strategy.

User Info: Wakanoid

6 years ago#10
Well, I got over 1000 kills more then I needed on hard with this strat.
Basically you're gonna fall back pretty fast, start making a decent amount of cannons. Then mass phoenixes *To lift the hybrids*. Void rays, for their great DPS. and carriers to distract.
Just put em all in the middleish area. Pretty easy.
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  3. Any strategy to beat In Utter Darkness Brutal without DT Wall?

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