Mineral Cheat?

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User Info: doe3879

7 years ago#1
I check the cheat section, I don't seem to see the cheat for getting more mineral.
can someone tell me what it is?
show me the money doesn't work

I checked some other site and found "whats mine is mine" for +500 mineral
but it doesn't work
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User Info: yutterh

7 years ago#2
just do the moredotsmoredots cause it makes everything cost no resources.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

7 years ago#3
Both the ones you listed are starcraft 1 codes.. Why would are you looking up codes for a diff game?

There is a cheat for minerals/vespene on the cheats page right here on gamefaqs.

User Info: JHX0

7 years ago#4
"StroaksMolts" is the mineral cheat in this game IIRC.
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