I'm disabled, and I just sent Blizzard the following email

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User Info: skyhopper88

7 years ago#111
Update: It works flawlessly. I can either say the letter or say a key phrase. Works best when I need to micro unit abilities and movement or micro and macro at the same time.

And thank you whoever mentioned right handed Dvorak. WOW. I have been hunting and pecking with thumb\pointer\middle\ring of my right hand forever (I'm 22). I look at the keyboard as a spacial reference since I have no true home row. I type 30 words per minute when I have to look at something on the screen and look down the type. I dismissed other layouts but didn't know about this variation.


- single home row (EHTD) contains every letter in reach for one hand (not true for QWERTY, normal Dvorak or Colemark)
- Even while hunt and pecking there's less horizontal movement
- good placement of . and , on the end of the letter block
- The words the, other, lol

- The moved number keys are barrier to tab and such for one handed use, but I can switch the functions around if need be. Especially problematic it is the shift.
- the JLMFP row is a bit much to reach (the numbers were there for a reason).

I modified the layout a bit.
- Put the ; - ' keys to the right of q z x for easier reach and slid the letters down one so I'd be closer to backspace, enter and shift. Same layout otherwise
- Use Right Alt to mimic shift so I have an accessible way to shift with the side of my thumb. It's a bit out of reach since I slid the keys though.
- Converted the context menu key into backspace (inspired by Colemack)

It also occurs to me that I do not need a long spacebar and I would like to have modifiers there too (and maybe an even closer backspace) since, ideally, I shouldn't move from my centered home row. A Japanese keyboard looks right up my alley:

Not sure how well it would work in a US locale. Or about importing one. Probably Ebay. Anyone have input on compatibility/availability? That picture is a Japanese Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro for PS3
(US Version http://www.logitech.com/en-us/keyboards/keyboard/devices/3616).

I even like the trackpad, but I prefer wired as my desktop lacks bluetooth. Otherwise it's perfect. Looks like I'm in the market for a mouse and keyboard now.

PS Vydao still waiting on your character code.
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User Info: Kandar888

7 years ago#112
It's because of idiots like you that the USA is hardly even a democracy and that fox news gets so much viewers.

LOL, ITT, people who have no idea what the hell they're talking about.
"Yeah, I don't even think I'm going to use my zealots. They're too much of a liability." ~ PsY

User Info: Dirty1White1Boy

7 years ago#113
I'm glad it's working out for you TC.

You might even look into one of those USB powered small number pads as well, or as suggested a mouse with extra buttons on it.
StarCraft 2. I know, I'm bad.

User Info: Russell

7 years ago#114
Why don't you just get those massive mouses with like 30 + keys on them?
You could even hotkey stuff like E and other ones since they make up for so many of abilities
hi u

User Info: Badassia

7 years ago#115

From: wretchedsmurf | #109
So being crippled makes you immature and unable to improve the quality of your life, even when you take care of yourself, wow no wonder Americans are seen as ignorant

What the hell does that have to do with anything? I think it's pretty goddamn mature that he can make these topics, where people who have no idea about the adjustments that he's had to make to his life, insult him, and he doesn't even really say anything back. And I don't know how he's not trying to improve his life's quality, he took the initiative to email blizzard about the problem and ask us for help. If you're going to insult someone, at least try to make it sense.

And sorry man, no idea what you can do. Hopefully one of these suggestions work, or Blizzard gets on it right away.
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  3. I'm disabled, and I just sent Blizzard the following email

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