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Most Deceitful Portrait?

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User Info: DrStrangelove88

7 years ago#1
People love to show off portraits that they have earned but I had an ally that had a Firebat portrait. Thinking nothing of it. We end up losing 2v2 because of Reaper proxy (I was Zerg so I couldn't help him) he was Terran and that was that. For gigs I usually check profiles of random allies and I see that he had 1398 wins. He had unlocked ALL 1v1 Protoss portraits. I was just wondering why he wasn't using the awesome Tassadar portrait.

What's the most deceitful portrait you guys have seen? I see people that have Kachinsky or whatever still but don't care. Do you think it gives an advantage to yourself by your opponents taking you too lightly?
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User Info: battery34

7 years ago#2
Sometimes I use Probe, because he looks so angry in the portrait.
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User Info: Aurion_Warrior

7 years ago#3
Kachinsky. Or a portrait (not unlocked from randoms) that doesn't match their current race. That gives a false sense of security in most cases. :|

I saw someone with the Kerrigan portrait (uninfested) and basically abandoned all hope of winning that match at the loading screen.
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User Info: ItsaMeMariooo

7 years ago#4
haha i dont try to get an advantage over my opponents with portraits. Id just rather look epic lol!

however while i have the roach portrait unlocked( i play zerg 1v1 in plat) i stay with the zergling cause the ling portrait pwns the ugly roach one lol...

but yeah i think it might give me an advantage right now when i use the ling one.
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User Info: SKA_

7 years ago#5
i been using the spectre portrait since i got it. it reminds me of the brotherhood outcasts.
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User Info: sternh

7 years ago#6
I use different races as the one I'm actually playing.

Hoping it would fake my opponent. It never happened though.
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User Info: MrChuckles20

7 years ago#7
I use katchinsky (or however its spelled), partly for the mind game, partly cause I dislike all the ones I have. The mind game isn't that they think I don't have any wins and I'm a total scrub, but more so they don't know how many I have, since its obvious at my level play I would have SOMETHING else...

Once I get my queen portrait back, I'll use her. But I remember playing against somebody who had a pretty high level protoss pic (forget what one) but was playing Terran. It defiantly changed my mindset going into the game, for good and bad.

User Info: the_rowan

7 years ago#8
I saw someone with the Kerrigan portrait (uninfested) and basically abandoned all hope of winning that match at the loading screen.

It's way easier to beat every mission on Brutal in SC2 than it is to simply beat the Brood War Zerg campaign. SC2's campaign is hilariously easy.
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User Info: Sir_Awesome

7 years ago#9
Not even that, remember how like half a month ago there were topics and stuff about DLing save files to get the Kerrigan portrait? One side was like LOLGETMYPORTRAITZ and the other was like EARNITYOURSELFNOOBZ. So, it means little to see a portrait you can essentialy cheat to get.
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User Info: Alias901

7 years ago#10
One time, a couple weeks after the game was out, I played a guy with the uninfested Kerrigan portrait. I proceeded to faceroll him, and after the game, I saw he had completed every campaign achievement.

tl;dr Campaign means nothing
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