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League Promotion FAQ And Answers

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User Info: Priss_Lance

6 years ago#1
Found this posted around, apparently from TeamLiquid by a poster named Excalibur_Z, explaining the analysis of the League system, and the logic behind how people get promoted and how they do not.

(Note: MMR is "Matchmaking Rating", which is an invisible counter that is primary determinator for which enemies you're matched with, and is the main factor affecting your promotion/demotion status).

Since the release of SC2 I've noticed a lot of recurring -- in fact, frequently asked -- questions regarding the ladder system. This thread is intended to address those questions. Please use this thread in conjunction with the Ladder Analysis threads in order to better understand the ladder.

SC2 Ladder Analysis Part 1:
SC2 Ladder Analysis Part 2:

League Information

Q: What do the different symbols, like the exclamation point, red arrow, and green arrow mean when viewing a division?

A: An exclamation point means that the player has been placed in that division but not played any games last week. A green arrow means that the player has increased in rank within the division since last week. A red arrow means the player has fallen in rank within the division since last week. A dash (--) means no change in rank since last week despite games played. You can hover over each icon in-game to view the player's previous rank or division join date from the in-game ladder browser.

Q: Will the ladder be divided into seasons?

A: Yes, eventually. The length of a season has not been announced by Blizzard, but all ratings are expected to be wiped at that time.


Q: I'm only in Silver, so why am I being matched against Platinum players?

A: Two possible answers: either your MMR is too high for your current league, or your opponents' MMRs are too low for their current league. Look at your match history. Are you commonly being matched against players from higher leagues? If so, you have an opportunity for promotion. Look at your opponents' match histories. Are they commonly being matched against players from lower leagues? If so, they are at risk of demotion.

Q: If I've never played 1v1, but I'm 2v2 Diamond, who will I face in 1v1 Placements?

A: Your performance in other brackets is considered when initially seeding your placement matches. In this case, you'd likely be paired with a Diamond player to start.

Q: What does Favored/Slightly Favored/Teams Even mean on the loading screen?

A: Favored status compares your opponent's hidden MMR with your displayed rating. If his MMR and your displayed rating are similar, it will show Teams Even and the match will be worth 10-14 points. If his MMR is slightly higher than your displayed rating, it will show your opponent as Slightly Favored and the match will be worth 15-17 points for a win (7-9 for a loss). If his MMR is significantly higher than your displayed rating, it will show your opponent as Favored and the match will be worth 18-24 points (1-6 for a loss).

Q: Is it possible for both players to see the other as Favored?

A: Yes, because it compares the opponent's MMR to the player's displayed rating. This is common when both players haven't played many games, meaning their MMR is higher than their displayed rating.

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User Info: Priss_Lance

6 years ago#2
Promotion and Demotion

Q: Do I need to be first in my division to get promoted, or last in my division to get demoted?
A: No! Your rank is a result of your displayed rating and is not relevant to any promotion chances or demotion risks.

Q: Do I need to reach a particular point value to get promoted?
A: No. Promotions happen independently of your displayed rating.

Q: I've been at rank 1 in my division forever, why haven't I been promoted?
A: Take a look at your match history. If you're commonly facing opponents from your league, then you're right where you should be. If you're commonly facing opponents from higher leagues, you may be promoted once your MMR increases or your sigma decreases.

Q: I won 10 games in a row! Why am I not promoted yet?
A: Your MMR and sigma may not have reached stability, or the system is simply unconfident about you. Expected outcomes cause you to stabilize the fastest. Your MMR will continue to rise until you hit your skill ceiling, at which point your win ratio will decrease and your rating will start to stabilize.

Q: Do I need to lose 7 games before being promoted?
A: No. There is not much point to gaming the system. Play as you would normally and if you belong in Diamond you will be promoted within a very reasonable number of games. People are regularly promoted with < 7 losses. People like CauthonLuck are significant outliers and you will almost certainly not have his problem.

Q: I'm in Bronze. Is it possible to get promoted directly to Gold?
A: Yes. It's possible to go from any league to any other league, wherever your MMR and sigma stabilize. Viewing your match history and the profiles of your opponents should clue you in to where you're likely to be promoted next.

Q: I just lost a game but I got promoted, how is this possible?
A: The system evaluates a trend of games, not just the most recent game. The answer is always the same: your MMR and sigma have stabilized within the boundaries of a higher league, and that loss contributed to your stability because it was an expected outcome.

Q: Is it possible I haven't been promoted because my APM or end-game score isn't high enough?
A: Both factors are irrelevant because they can be gamed. The only contributing factor to promotion is the end outcome (win or loss) and the skill level of your opponent (his MMR). This is confirmed by Blizzard's Leagues and Ladders FAQ, found in a sticky at the top of the Multiplayer and eSports forum.

Bonus Pool

Q: How do I increase my bonus pool? Do I have to not play?
A: Your bonus pool increases at the same rate regardless of whether or not you're playing. The rate of gain is about 1 point per 2 hours.

Q: If I start a new team, won't my bonus pool be smaller than teams that have been active for a month?
A: The bonus pool total is the same for everyone. If a team was created last month and has accumulated 600 bonus pool, your new team will start with 600 bonus pool. The total bonus pool accumulates from launch day, meaning regardless of your account creation date, division join date, or whatever, it will be equal to everyone else's total.

Q: Is the bonus pool considered in any calculations? How can that be accurate if it constantly inflates ratings?
A: Because everyone has access to the same total amount of bonus pool, it's unlikely that it is included in any matchmaking calculations.

"Warriors of fate, you shall dance bravely. Use your golden wings, and fly to the skies. "

User Info: XcZeus3469

6 years ago#3
bump. this is great info as I've been wondering about this myself. Nice find!
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User Info: NightHawk_GoD

6 years ago#4
good read
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User Info: Lurking_Lobster

6 years ago#5
Requested a sticky, great post!
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