wow im bad...

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User Info: nov16

5 years ago#1
lost 6 more TvZs in a row today i think im getting worse...

how do i beat roach drop?

GT: ismokeplaydough sc2: esnov
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User Info: SSJKirby

5 years ago#2
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User Info: shadowrunner103

5 years ago#3
Make more units. The best way to deal with roaches specifically is to kill them.

User Info: lordpoyo

5 years ago#4
2 sensor towers, one at your main and third

never get caught off guard by anything ever again

User Info: ERLiNo

5 years ago#5
play bio the way with skills.
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User Info: EvilMewtwo

5 years ago#6
Jesus. You keep making goddamn topics, nov, and there's nothing you need to do but macro, and we tell you that every topic and you keep ignoring it.

Like I've said in every f***ing topic I've seen from you, ignore strategy and improve macro. It doesn't matter what counters what if you have twice as much stuff as he does.

And since I know what you're going to respond to that, just like every time ("I'm working on my macro, but what else should I do to beat roaches!") No. The answer is, devote every last damn bit of your attention to improving macro, that's the best way to beat roaches.
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User Info: DignatoReRaised

5 years ago#7
Attack the roaches with units that deal damage to them.

Also attack the dropping overlords with units that deal damage to them.
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User Info: TwoStrikes94

5 years ago#8
Counter to roaches is marauders, medivacs healing marines or marauders

Spread out sieged tanks

Comparable Thor count

I considered my roach drop build to hard counter fast third ccs though, but if they went two base power into third cc I'd get steam rolled

User Info: minimark

5 years ago#9
Where is the "like" button at, I want to like Shadowrunners comment. Totally reminded me of Dwight from the Office "there are several ways to kill a zombie, but the most satisfying way is to stab it in the brain with a wooden stake."
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User Info: nov16

5 years ago#10
what are some good times to scan to scout tech raine? and if i got 2 base in to power push what time should i shoot for?
GT: ismokeplaydough sc2: esnov
A Proud Terran user since 2003, currently working to master Terran mech! for ignore list please refer to my quote.

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