Kid Buu vs Goku, Final battle

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User Info: chocoboblue99

8 years ago#1
So, how many people went toe to toe with kid buu and won by only using regualr Goku? I think I could do it but I feel it's going to take a longgggg time to win. I pressed R3 and used Buu to win against kid Buu and even that took awhile. I'm thinking using Goku only will take forever! Was it worth it when you won against kid buu with Goku?

User Info: Master Mishimi

Master Mishimi
8 years ago#2
If you really wanna see Buu die the way he did in the manga, then yes. If not, it doesn't matter who you beat him with.
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User Info: justinlynch3

8 years ago#3
It doesn't matter.

Back when I passed the game, I probly could beat Buu with Goku. But now, I'm not so sure. I'm more layed back now, just haveing fun fooling around with average characters. My skills have likely droped alot.
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User Info: chocoboblue99

8 years ago#4
using just Goku to beat kid buu without pressing R3 once is like using Tien vs Napa. Well, I think it will be too hard to beat kid buu with Goku. I'm going to try Tien vs Napa, seems a bit easier.

User Info: Tyravis

8 years ago#5
Tien vs Nappa was easy. Goku alone vs kid buu was even easier. Though people used to complain about this game back in November all those complaints seem ridiculous now.

User Info: chocoboblue99

8 years ago#6
No, way. How can Goku fight with buu be easier than Tien fight with Nappa?

Hmm... you guys playing on easy mode? I'm playing on hard mode.

User Info: Shenti_Reborn

8 years ago#7
I hated that match with a passion. ****ing Hercule.

And you don't even HAVE to switch.

Anyway, it's easy as hell with Goku, I just kept spamming his um, melee special, whatever they're called, rush attacks? I dunno. Anyway, I just kept doing that, he literally couldn't do anything. But I still went all the way to Hercule anyway.
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User Info: chocoboblue99

8 years ago#8
Okay, I just beat Nappa with Tien and it wasn't easy. It was hard! Took me at least 25 minutes to win with all my Tri beams, do-don rays, and wild senses.

Now for Kid Buu vs Goku, I think that match will take even longer, if ever. I do the Rush Attack and Kid Buu is pretty smart. He knows how to teleport out of it or just block the rush. The only way Kid Buu is stupid enough to take that attack is if I was playing on easy mode, which I'm not and so he knows how to fight pretty well.

User Info: Goldninja

8 years ago#9
Max power. Knock him back with a max power smash and use your rush.
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User Info: chocoboblue99

8 years ago#10
Well, if I'm at max power, I might as well throw the Super Spirit Bomb that does about 4000 damage than rush attack that does about 2000 damage. It just makes more sense that way.
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