Game crashing on start up :/

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User Info: Propain22

7 years ago#1
I get this error after like 5 seconds of launching the game. I have Windows 7 64 bit and everything is updated.

Critical Error
General protection fault!


?OnExit@GThread@@UAEXXZ() Address = 0xb7dae0 (filename not found)

Address = 0x478ebe (filename not found)

?GetHSI@GColor@@QBEXPAH00@Z() Address = 0xe955ed (filename not found)


User Info: suspenser

7 years ago#2
Have you tried to uninstall, restart, and then reinstall..?
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User Info: redcloud12345

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Propain22

7 years ago#4
Reinstalling doesnt work.

User Info: toxicbomber

7 years ago#5
Win 7 isn't your problem< I run this game max everything on Win7.
Gamertag- Ultimaetus

User Info: Propain22

7 years ago#6
it it working for anyone else with Win 7 64 bit? Also i am using a 8600M GT graphic card. maybe its not compatible? Im able to play AC2 on high tho and thats a recent ubisoft game and it works flawlessly.

User Info: MeowRabbit

7 years ago#7
I have the exact same problem, with the same error message and text.

My specs:
Windows Vista 32bit
i7 920

User Info: Maharoba

7 years ago#8
I got that error once in face off when I was playing with a friend.
I grabbed him over a rail and it critical errored for both of us.
And then I was like, get the hell out!

User Info: ItchyTasty88

7 years ago#9
im on the last misison walking the streets and the check points wont go anywhere and i keep falliung through the street and now i cant beat the game
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User Info: Propain22

7 years ago#10
So its been like a week since i got the game and i am still unable to play it. I dont mind much right now cuz i got to study for finals anyways, but i really want to play this game in the summer. Does anybody here have had this problem and were able to fix it?

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