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User Info: laura77clf

6 years ago#1

Hi there, I'm trying to play the demo of this game but it seems to start with a resolution not supported by my TV, so the screen comes blue and I cannot see anything. Is there someone who can tell me how to change the resolution manually without starting the game? maybe some launch options?

User Info: x269rufrocker

6 years ago#2
---In the config. ; it'll be no problem to change your res.
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User Info: JamesDowngrade

6 years ago#3
I'm having the same problem. Thing is, I can't find a config file for this anywhere. Checked in the install folders and in my documents, there's just nothing that I can find that changes the Res.

User Info: Darrigo11

6 years ago#4
Hey, been a while since you started this thread, hope your hanging on cause I found a solution.

First you'll need to find your Arcania configuration folder it's separate from the Arcania installation folder. Under Windows 7 it was in My Documents. If its not there try a search for GameSoundSettings.xml.

Now in that folder there may be a file called VideoSettings.xml but for mine there wasn't. If its there open it and change these 2 lines to your resolution.

<Attribute name="resolution_x" type="ulong" value="1280" />
<Attribute name="resolution_y" type="ulong" value="720" />

If its not create a new text file and name it VideoSettings.xml. Make sure you change the file extension properly. Now put the following in it with the resolution settings you want.

<AttributeTable >
<Attribute name="resolution_x" type="ulong" value="1280" />
<Attribute name="resolution_y" type="ulong" value="720" />

Start Arcania and you should see a very washed out game. Go to Option -> Video Settings on the first menu and click Reset then be sure to adjust the resolution back to yours as well as any adjustments you want to make and click apply.

Hope this works.
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