Drag Camaro SS/ Supra Tuning

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User Info: extradited

9 years ago#1

Hello! Here's my quick questions:

My Supra - I used the Supra tune a few posts down. Good tune, doesn't pull wheelies - except that I can't get it under 6 seconds, when it's claiming to be able to get in the 5.5's. What gear to start in? Launch with Nos? help wanted! Here's the set up:

Front Shock Compression Rate: Default
Rear Shock Compression Rate: Default
Front Shock Rebound Rate: Default
Rear Shock Rebound Rate: Default
Front Spring Rate: Default
Rear Spring Rate: Default
Ride Height: Default
Front Roll Bar Stiffness: Default
Rear Roll Bar Stiffness: Default
Front Tire Pressure: Default
Rear Tire Pressure: Default
Toe: Default
Camber: Ten Clicks Right
Caster: Ten Clicks Left
Steering Responce Ratio: Default
Cam Timing: Default
Start Boost: Ten Clicks Right
End Boost: Ten Clicks Right
Nitrous Pressure: Ten Clicks Right
Nitrous Jetting Flow Rate: Ten Clicks Right
1st Gear Ratio: 10 Clicks Left
2nd Gear Ratio: Default
3rd Gear Ratio: 10 Clicks Right
4th Gear Ratio: 10 Clicks Right
5th Gear Ratio: 10 Clicks Right
6th Gear Ratio: Default(not used)
Final Drive Gear Ratio: 10 Clicks Right
Brake Bias: Default
Brake Pressure: Default
Handbrake Pressure: Default

CAMARO SSI have no idea where to start tuning my Camaro. HELP! All I can do is get it to be completely out of control, wheelie off the start, flip half way. I have stage 4 parts for both of the cars, so please help. :)

PSN ID= jpdos

User Info: Bong_Bong

9 years ago#2
Suspension should be stage 2
PSN: Hiiamhehehe

User Info: canthinkof12

9 years ago#3
Why you running Neggy Cam on a drag race? you know what its doing right?
Thunderhorn EU lvl 70 NE Druid.

User Info: extradited

9 years ago#4
I know very little about cars! I just change one thing, go test, and then change something else. Please help. PSN ID = jpdos

User Info: extradited

9 years ago#5

User Info: canthinkof12

9 years ago#6
basically Neggy cam is for banked cuircets or lots of corners poits the bottom of the wheel out wards so in a straight line you have less tyre on the road = less grip.

to be honest really dosent matter nothing on this game does what it says, changed all the gear ratios and final gear ratio on my evo top speed on all short was 197 all on tall top end was 197 wtf?

this game is no forza or Gran Turismo
Thunderhorn EU lvl 70 NE Druid.

User Info: omg1ty

9 years ago#7
Tuning the supra for drag will stage 4 parts is simple.

Put on all stage 4 parts,except suspension,put on stage 2 suspension this will help it stay on the ground.

Then go into tuning,go to engine,start and end boost all the way right and both nitrous things all the way right,then go to drive train and put the 1st gear all the way left then put everyother gear all the way right.

Redline the car in neutral as the lights are counting down then let off the gas and let the RPMS drop into the green zone just as the light turns green and you take off and hit nos as soon as you hit 2nd gear then go through 3rd 4th 5th and stay in 5th. You should hit 250 mph in 5th gear so theres no reason to shift into 6th.

Go try it!!

Hope I helped,this is the same setup I run on my Supra. Best times with it are 5.54 1/4 and 9.21 1/2

User Info: skiny_crx

9 years ago#8

The supra is amazing at drifting,

I can now get 5.45 secs in it!

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