best perks?

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User Info: pspmaster23

9 years ago#1
what do you recoment gettin lv 1-20?
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User Info: Patriarch105

9 years ago#3
Matter of opinion.

I'd avoid getting a perk that raises a skill only because you'll have plenty of skill points without it. (Like Little Leager, or Daddy's boy/girl)

Swift learner is also usless.

These are all the skills i think are worth looking at. I got rid of maybe about 1/3 of the ones on the list because their completly useless. go to this site to find out more about each one

Action Boy (Girl)
Adamantium Skeleton
Animal Friend
Better Criticals
Bloody Mess
Chem Resistant
Child at Heart
Concentrated Fire
Contract Killer
Demolition Expert
Fast Metabolism
Fortune Finder
Grim Reaper's Sprint
Intense Training
Lady Killer/Black Widow
Lead Belly
Life Giver
Master Trader
Mysterious Stranger
Nerd Rage!
Night Person
Rad Resistance
Strong Back

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User Info: mathishard226

9 years ago#4
Just about to hit 20 and give Grim Reaper's Sprint a try. From what I hear, it's broken good. Supposed to be utterly sick. Just make sure you've got the AP to make effective use of it.

Demolition damage boosting one gets utterly ridiculous too. With all the schematics and high demo skill and those boosts, you're looking at absolutely absurd nuka grenade and bottlecap bomb damage

Not to mention the missile launcher gets ridiculous.

Also, I'm a big proponent of Scrounger. From a thread I started, it makes all other perks relating to Caps (Law bringer, Contract Killer, and Fortune Finder) kinda useless because you can sell unwanted ammo well. The extra ammo is also a huge plus, especially if you're playing Energy weapons or big Guns.
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User Info: loreerol

9 years ago#5
initial stats
special=9 8 4 1 3 9 6 (get the intelligence bobblehead at level 2)

2 intense training Endurance
3 intense training Endurance
4 comprehension
5 intense training Luck
6 toughness
7 intense training Endurance
8 scrounger
9 commando
10 strong back
11 intense training Endurance
12 silent running
13 finesse
14 sniper
15 cyborg
16 action boy
17 better critical
18 gunslinger
19 intense training Endurance
20 grim reaper's spirit/solar powered

final stats with reily ranger armor+ledaux hocky mask+ lucky 8 ball+ant sight+all the other perks u get from quests+ alot of skill books found
all skills at 100
special = 10 10 10 2 4 10 10
68 damage resistance=39ranger armor+4mask+10toughness+10cyborg+5oasis perk
33 percent chance critial with vats=10luck+3 survivor guru+5 finess+15 vats
51 poison resist=45(endurance)+6(survivor guru)
24 rad resistance=18 endurance+ 6 survivor guru
140!! action points=85(agility)+25 action boy+25 mask+5 ranger armor
490 hps=300(endurance)+10*19 level ups
reily armor imo is better than t51b cuz you can repair it to 100 and it gives luck and 5 action points and 10 small guns and ledaux mask with 25 actions points is> any other helmet you can use
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