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User Info: tbfunktion

9 years ago#1
Hey there,

I'm really interested in picking up Fallout, but I'm wondering if the whole game can (enjoyably) be played completely using the third person camera. I heard the third person in Oblivion was a bit of a stinker, and I'm wondering if this is the case for Fallout 3 also. I have quite a bit of trouble with first person games as I get motion sickness. Aiming and such in first person is fine and dandy, but asking me to strafe and move around in gunfights is my ticket to laying down on a bed for a good ten minutes to recollect my spinning head.

User Info: Ironcrowned

9 years ago#2
As a big fan of both third-person and first-person games, I will have to tell you no. It's obvious that Bethesda meant for this to be played in first-person and the third-person view seems like an after-thought. It's no better than the third-person view in Oblivion.
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User Info: xD_Yuffiez

9 years ago#3
I can't stand the first person mode in this game, the third person makes it playable, for me, but it is obviously meant to be played in first.

User Info: Sin Jackal

Sin Jackal
9 years ago#4
The only thing I use Fallout's third person view mode for is to peak around corners while in Sneak mode :\ It's really hard to play in third person mode on the Oblivion engine

User Info: Smoking_Hamster

9 years ago#5
I play third person. I however play as a melee character. Using shooting weapons is slightly tricker in third person.

User Info: Syizm

9 years ago#6
Third person can be exploited to allow you to peak around corners (ala Metal Gear style) and also zoom out to a relatively far distance from your character to get a better situational awareness of the field around you.

But to say it's a third person playable game might be misleading. The camera always goes into FPV in VATS mode and I think anytime you speak with someone.

User Info: jtb1924

9 years ago#7
I've been told that it's not bad if you use it as an 'over the shoulder' third person rather than zooming way out to get a smaller person in a bigger field of view.
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." -Plato

User Info: m2k13

9 years ago#8
lol i use the 3rd person camera in order to not see some of the creatures such as mole rats up close (i hate getting spooked by some random creature out of nowhere when i use the 1st person camera). but i pretty much use it to have a better view of everything around me especially the whole wasteland field : ).

User Info: GeoMaggs

9 years ago#9
Meant to be a First Person, and the third-person view shouldn't even exist. It's horrible. Why fix the camera?!?!? Move it out a bit more, and allow it to swing around your char, for god's sake!
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User Info: jtb1924

9 years ago#10
^Geo, you can do both by holding L2 while in 3rd person mode...
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something." -Plato
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