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User Info: jupiter1333

8 years ago#1
Sorry if this has been posted before...

Anyway, I finally ventured in and cleared the entire place (I'm pretty sure anyway). I found medical supplies and a couple of skill books, that's it (also ammo but that's obvious). I'm just curious if theres anything special in there, a gun maybe, or a quest related to it or something, cause I really feel like I wasted my time and my stimpaks going through it.

User Info: gamer4izzle

8 years ago#2
I don't know for sure but it's possible...the same thing happened to me going through the Talon Company Merc base, there was some ammo, medical supplies and guns, but nothing special.

User Info: mounds

8 years ago#3
That's what pretty much every area of the game is -.- it's just for exploring and that it's a national landmark. If the White House was intact in this game and had nothing in it whatsoever I'd still explore it.

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User Info: jupiter1333

8 years ago#4
Darn...I mean I enjoyed but I had hoped to get some kind of reward. Thanks.

User Info: Kradyert

8 years ago#5
I really enjoyed the capitol building it was such a War Zone, it was alot of fun killing everyone inside and there were a few Enclave soldiers and a Deathclaw waiting for me outside the building after. I massacred them, soon as they attacked. with my Plasma Rifle. I love my Plasma weapons! Turning ppl into green goo ftw ^^, It always amazed me how you can loot their weapons and armor if they are Goo.

User Info: po_hash_ftw

8 years ago#6
I wandered in trying to go to Rivet City with like 9 Stimpaks and had to stealth my way through. No encounters on the outside though. I also got to watch the Talon Mercs nuke a behemoth with a Fat Man :D.

User Info: Valisun

8 years ago#7
I was wondering the same thing about this place. This place and a lot of other places too actually. I feel the same way as the TC, its kinda fun clearing this place out but at least have SOMETHING in here other than like a skill book. I mean I'm rich and have no use for bottle caps but even I would have appreciated a box at the end of the building with 500 bottle caps in it or something. Or maybe a crappy hat with a unique name that I will never wear. Just something that signals a job well done.

At least this place had monsters you get good loot from. Not long after barely starting the game I end up helping Arefu and I get this map location of shale bridge from a villager as if it was a reward. So I explore it, but there's nothing inside but ants and a super large boss ant. lol as a low level that place was really hard to clear out and I used up a lot of supplies. Was there anything inside there? Nope. I felt so ripped off :/.
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User Info: icedfacekilla57

8 years ago#8
the only place where ive actually found anything special so far is in the history musuem where you go to the lincoln's presidency era. You can find a nice gun called the lincoln's repeater. Not a minigun but a rifle thats dead accurate and really strong. The only problem is that it uses magnum bullets, and those can be hard to come by.

User Info: The_Elemancer

8 years ago#9
Don't forget the national archives folks. DOI, Bill of Rights, Wiggy Bot...

User Info: Aoshi_Sama

8 years ago#10
You do get a fatman in the capitol building and there are only 8 or 9 of them and also you get to kill a behemoth and there are only 5 of those I think in the game.

FUNNY!! FUNNY!! -boondock saints-
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