Bodies in tenpenny tower

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User Info: mulrad420

8 years ago#1
When I did the quest in tenpenny tower i talk the residents to let the ghouls live there. Afterward they ghouls killed everyone and said they stashed the bodies in the basement only I cant seem to find them. I wanted to get a hold of dashwoods key but need to find his body. Any ideas.

User Info: conduit

8 years ago#2
exactly same with me. after the ghouls moved in and killed everyone apparently the bodies are in the basement. but all I found in the basement was a feral ghoul and a lot of blood stains. but no bodies.
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User Info: light_daxter

8 years ago#3
There's no key, all the bodies are empty.
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User Info: GameNerd64

8 years ago#4
Apparently (going by the F3 Wiki), this happens A LOT. But like daxter said, they're empty (I'd naturally assume the ghouls looted them themselves).
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