I can't find Mayor MacCready...

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8 years ago#1
I'm looking everywhere in Lamplight and I can't find him. This is the only way to get to Vault 87, he isn't dead because you can't kill kids in Lamplight, so where the heck is he? I know this must be a bug so is there something I could do that will make him appear? Where is he found usually?

User Info: aneed4peed

8 years ago#2

Talk to the kids in little lamplight. This'll probably give you macCready's marker (not sure).


There's 2 ways to get into vault 87, both from little lamplight. The first way isby askingmacCready and going through Murder pass (not recommended)and the second isby talking toJoseph. Joseph's way is easier, less hassle, getsyou right inside the vault,but you need a high scienceskill(50).

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  3. I can't find Mayor MacCready...

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