glitch? cant pass the GOAT test...

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User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#1
i am sitting on the chair and nothing happens... normally some questions should appear right? but everyone else is writing but me. i cant do anything other than look around. i cant stand up, use my pip-boy or even talk to the does that everytime, when i reload the game.

User Info: TheStin789

7 years ago#2
Same thing happened to me. What tends to fix this is not NOT sit next to Amata. FOr some reason after the terrible 1.1 patch, you can't be sitting next to Amata or Mr.Brotch will just stand there and do nothing.
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User Info: tzar_666

7 years ago#3
talk to yer r teacher as soon as you walk in and you can skip the goat

User Info: sorldierm1979

7 years ago#4
Same thing happened to me, I just saved the game... then when I loaded it the GOAT worked. When I first started playing the game, it was pretty glitchy, froze on me once too. But it's been playing pretty well since, one of my favorite games.

User Info: dakini

7 years ago#5
ha this happened to me as well the first time I ever played, gave me a bad impression before i'd even properly began. Thankfully what the above poster said fixed it. Although it seems counter-intuitive to save your game whilst experiencing a game-breaking bug it actually worked - just save and reload.

It was funny though, seeing everyone else fervently scribbling away while I sat there staring into space feeling like an idiot. Took me back to my schooldays! :-)

User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#6
@dakini: OMG! i felt the same way. like an idiot! everyone was scribbling like crazy...but me!? like an outcast that wasnt allowed to do the test and directly got the worst grade. but fortunatly that didnt remind me back to my schooldays. i was a goood boy :)

anyway, i also saved and reload, then it worked. but i stopped playing, its not my game. was a rent because it looks interesting.
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  3. glitch? cant pass the GOAT test...

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