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User Info: Kenta_PKMN

6 years ago#1
Will this guide work on xbox 360 version? and i dont want to use the glitch to level blah blah but my question is, why do i have to swim at the begining all the way to get that IT Bobblehead? can it be later when i get there? or its a must?

this guide basicly willl make u end up with all 100s...


please let me know if its legit otherwise i rather not follow it if its just a waste of time or its PC Fallout3 only guide.

Thank you
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User Info: Get_ur_led_out

6 years ago#2
Yeah it will work on 360. I am doing a character right now based on that guide.

You have to swim to get the IT bobblehead because the amount of skill points given to you each level is based on you're intelligence. Therefore you need that bobblehead to get maximum intelligence before you level up, so that you can get the most skill points possible.

User Info: Get_ur_led_out

6 years ago#3
In fact, that video is of the xbox 360 version.

User Info: Kenta_PKMN

6 years ago#4
ok great thank you
i keep getting lost trying to find that building lol but i'll keep trying haha
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User Info: Kenta_PKMN

6 years ago#5
as i level, where do i apply the skills 1st? do i focus on small guns and energy weapons first till they are 100? or apply skill points evenly across.
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User Info: Get_ur_led_out

6 years ago#6
Put a lot into small guns at the start, because you will be using them a lot. But also be putting some in repair and medicine as they are also needed. Also you will probably want to put some in lockpicking.

User Info: Fenoriell

6 years ago#7
I'd go with speech over medicine, persuading people is so very helpful.

User Info: Sentana

6 years ago#8
This is my usual starting stats:
- Str 5
- Per 6
- End 6
- Cha 1
- Int 8
- Agi 6
- Luc 8
- Tags Speech, Small Guns, Lockpick

Run, swim all the way to Rivet City. Then just work on getting the other bobbleheads (don't worry about getting the Energy Weapon; you can aim for the Cyborg perk in the interim) and skill books (don't read the books until you get the Comprehension perk).

User Info: Iminyourcloset

6 years ago#9
That guide recommends taking both Educated and Comprehension. Anyone can make a character with all-100 skills with that build, but it's not a perfect character as it's wasted 2 perks.
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User Info: veggee57

6 years ago#10
I used the same guide for my second play thru and it was very helpful. By starting off with a INT of 9, grabbing that INT bobblehead the first thing after escaping vault 101 and before lvl 3 will grant you the maximum skill points possible. Obtaining the educated perk at lvl 4 will add 3 additional skill points per lvl giving a total of 90 points if you have the broken steel dlc otherwise only 60.

Il always grab both the educated and comprehension perk asap just becauz I'm not into hunting down all 13 different kinds of skill books. By following the guide I've manage to get all my skills to 90s except barter(40s) at lvl 28. And I wouldn't start out with too much luck either because there are 3 items in the game that can increase luck by 1 and they aren't hard to obtain. Hope this helps.
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