Very First Computer Hack/Password...

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User Info: PercySJ

9 years ago#1
Perhaps I read the turtorial wrong or I'm just this stupid, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to hack the computer terminals!? I'm at the very first computer in the Overseers office and can't figure out the password despite it saying "Very Easy".

What am I doing wrong? There are a crap load of characters on the do you
know what to choose?? I'm sure I'm gonna feel dumb once y'all tell me how to do it!?
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User Info: Shadowlight5

9 years ago#2
Check the lockers next to the screen, password should be in there

User Info: swampwrath

9 years ago#3
You pick out the word parts. Like it will say "Live" "Give" "List" and whatnot amongst all the random characters and one of them is the correct password. When you pick one it tells you how many letters you have wrong/right and you just go by that.

User Info: ninja_panda

9 years ago#4
if you wanna do the boring way
scroll through the jargon (the <,>,?,!,[,] and whatnot) and you'll come across some combinations that will eliminate some duds as well as refill your retries

User Info: poopybritches

9 years ago#5
It's basically mastermind.

Look carefully and you will see words in there. Pick one and it will give you a number correct.
This number is how many letters are in the correct spot. The best way to start is to pick two passwords with the same suffix (for example, touching and munching). If they both have three or more correct, it has _ing at the end, and if they don't it doesn't. There's usually about 2 more words than tries (you get four), so it's not too hard. If you don't feel confident, you can back out and start over after three tries.
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User Info: BlOoDyDeAtH360

9 years ago#6
the password is "Thievs" (spelling?) its towards the bottom, I had 1 try left and for some reason chose that and I got exp for it and got into the computer lol diddnt even know you could find the password out in a locker, was just luck on my part.

User Info: Evan_Arrrr

9 years ago#7
If you get the password from the locker, apparently it's different from hacking the terminal. Huh.
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User Info: gemasis_sydawn

9 years ago#8
Yes, it changes.....
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