Fallout History Timeline (for people who never played fallout before)

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User Info: sushicakes

8 years ago#1
Ok this is just a brief history timeline for people who have no idea what's going on in the USA in the world of Fallout.

This game does NOT take place in the 50's, but is a reimagining of the world sorta a "what if" scenario where 50's technology came into fruition so flying cars, robots that look like boxes, food in pill form etc. The timeline between our world and their world splits after World War II, so like how we rapidly advanced our computers they rapidly advanced their technology as a whole.

So the history of Fallout starts right after WWII in the 50's

1950 - After WWII the US Government turns the 50 states in 13 common wealths (basically combining states together) to ensure economic stability after the War. But due to backlash from the common wealth the tensions rise in the nation when the common wealth puts their own ambition before the economic stablity of the country

2052 - The tension in the world in the past century causes most of the worlds petroleum reserves to dry up thus starting a war between the European nations and the MiddleEast when the ME decided to drastically increase oil prices. This in turn causes the USA to forcefully annex Canada (basically went and took over everything).

2066 - China invades USA from Alaska for resources and thus starts a war with the US. This is also the time when the Vaults were built, to the public they were bombshelters that could hold 1000 people in each, but little did they know that they were actually social experiments by Vault-Tec (in colaboration with the US government).

2077 - The war reached it's climax when the US and China dropped nukes on each other, this is also the time when the Vaults locked up completely. The war although called the "Great War" only lasted 2 hours before both nations were reduced to nothing.

Whichever game you play let it be Fallout, Fallout 2 or Fallout 3 they all follow this timeline.

Special Notes:

These are some terms people may not understand when first playing fallout.

Vaults - Basically bomb shelters each one with it's own experiment for example.

Never meant to close (thus radiation pours in)
Never meant to be open again (Vault 101)
Open after 10 years
Everyone a different racial background
All males.

Or the comical penny arcade vault where it's only 1 man and a box full of puppets (visit fallouts website to see this one)

These are only some of the examples of experiments

Ghouls - They are human but were subjected to massive amounts of radiation thus mutating them. Feral Ghouls were subjected to more radiation that normal Ghouls and were probably outside during the bomb drops (these ones attack you!). Normal Ghouls are people who were atleast partially sheltered in the blasts so only their skin and physical form deteriorated they still think freely. Also Ghouls can live for hundreds of years due to the radiation.

Towns - The people who live in these towns are mostly normal people unaffected by radiation, the reason for that is because these are actually decendants of the people in the Vaults that opened up.

I hope this explains alot about the history of Fallout.
XBOX360 GT: sushicake

User Info: The_Praetor

8 years ago#2
You should talk about the super mutants: they are immortal.

Sticky, otherwise.

User Info: MethodicalMaN

8 years ago#3
yeah why didnt you timeline the basic happening from F1 & 2? I know its the other side of the country so its not all relevant but the destruction of the master and his mutants and the conclave should be mentioned as big events on the timeline.
Fo Sheezy

User Info: sushicakes

8 years ago#4
Enclave - The last remnants of the US Government

Brotherhood of Steel - Last remnants of the US Army
XBOX360 GT: sushicake

User Info: VettDogg

8 years ago#5
Pretty informative. Thanks! It actually left me wanting more...

User Info: Littleshrtstout

8 years ago#6
nice. thanks, TC.
Opinions are Opinions.
GT: TheYesYEsShow

User Info: brownpantZ

8 years ago#7
great post, really helpful, made me turn my xbox on and get back on fallout xD

User Info: tuch

8 years ago#8
For those of who want a more in-depth timeline go here: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline
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