Small, random, yet cool things you've found while exploring.

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User Info: Jewtiful Joe

Jewtiful Joe
8 years ago#1
Nothing that leads to a quest (so walking in on the antagonizer and mechanist fighting doesn't count). For me:

An Abraham Lincoln shrine in the basement of a house.
A crazy guy with a whole alley way rigged with mines and mini nukes.
Vault 108 *shivers*
A three way battle between a mirelurk, a giant radscorpion, and a yiao guai.
Brahmin tipping (did it by accident lol)

User Info: Zealotry

8 years ago#2
Uncle Joe, my favorite find.

User Info: PoopiePants

8 years ago#3
People in Megaton giving me random stuff for being good.
Jumping off tenpenny tower and those satellites in the northeast.
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User Info: MistikSk8

8 years ago#4
A somewhat cool thing I found was a group of raiders had captured a couple of molerats and were racing them in the streets.

Another cool thing was seeing a big intense battle between the Talon Mercs and the Supermutants.
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User Info: Crimsondaze

8 years ago#5
The Brahmin tipping and the threeway fight sounds halarious

My instant favorite find was the house homage to Ray Bradbury with the robot reciting his poem.
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User Info: Arskagarf

8 years ago#6
probably watching a travelling merchant fist fight with a wasteland doctor. not sure how it happened, and it was probably a 1 in a million glitch or something
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User Info: MetalGearManiac

8 years ago#7
Helping the B.O.S. fight the mutants in front of the radio station, then running like a ***** when the big one came out.
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User Info: unbiasgamer

8 years ago#8
i fast travelles to caseys garage (vault 112) and was caught in the middle of a three way fight between 2 brotherhood of steel outcasts, several molerats and half a dozen raaiders at least 75 yards away

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
8 years ago#9
Seeing two robots fighting in front of Tenpenny tower
Seeing an entire squad of outcasts and a robot get destroyed by Deathclaws.

User Info: CadoOrgo

8 years ago#10
Haha, I didn't run like a ***** the first time I saw the Behemoth at GNR and it one-shotted Dogmeat and then me right after. Then the second time I ran away screaming.

Small, random? Well, this isn't necessarily random but it suprised me when I first saw it.


When you go to Oasis and talk to The One or whatever those hippies call him. You go talk to him and it turns out to be Harold from Fallout 2 who's been completely taken over by Herbert/Bob (the tree that was sprouting out of his head in Fallout 2). Then he begs you to kill him, rofl.
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  3. Small, random, yet cool things you've found while exploring.

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