Keller Family Transcript guide with map

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User Info: DiamondZ

8 years ago#1
To use this guide warp to the location indicated in the description and follow the instructions from there, this should make finding the tapes a walk in the park. If you have not yet found the location listed the map provides it.

Link to map of locations to warp to and the exact location of each tape. The box is the location to warp too, and the number is the location of the tape.

#1 - Warp to VAPL-58 Power Station and head North following the power lines, the 3rd power line down will be surrounded with boards on 3 sides, head inside and on the North wall will be a bookcase with the 1st Keller tape.

#2 - Warp to Hollowed Moor's Cemetery and head North West up to the church, going in the front entrance, the 2nd Keller tape will be on the left on top of the podium.

#3 - Warp to Grisly Diner and head inside, then goto your right and out the back, the 3rd Keller tape is located on a desk at the back.

#4 - Warp to Rockbreaker's Last Gas and turn to the West, you will see an abandoned shack at the top of a cliff, this shack is the location of the 4th Keller tape. Make your way around the cliff from the left side of the mountain. Enter the shack and the tape will be on the workbench on the left.

#5 - Warp to Anchorage Memorial and head to the North, quickly you will get to the edge, across the chasm you will see a broken down truck and a tent. Make your way across the river to the tent, inside the tent on the table is the location of the 5th Keller tape.

User Info: Madness_Bunji

8 years ago#2
Thanks, and thanks for making these directions idiot proof. The last ones I tried to follow said stuff like "Start at X and go north then west til you notice a rusty shack on a hill."

That's half the game!
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User Info: SlimeSerf

8 years ago#3
Very good directions, and the marked map is great too. Finding them should be a cakewalk now, thanks!
-Sword Dunmer

User Info: Android21A

8 years ago#4
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User Info: calrabjohns

8 years ago#5

User Info: jdavie87

8 years ago#6
"What does it do? That's the beauty of it, it doesn't DO anything."

User Info: Gigastormz

8 years ago#7
Thank you very much for this info, and the map is great!! Much appreciated my friend

User Info: H-HOUR

8 years ago#8
ok i still cant find them. which vault are they at?
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User Info: Seraphblood

8 years ago#9
Hmmm. All of your locations were spot on, but the 5th one is eluding me. I enter said tent, and there is a super mutant master inside, waiting with a super sledge. I kill him, and the only table in there has two ammo boxes under it, and a ham radio on top of it. No tape to be seen.
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User Info: Paladin_Malac

8 years ago#10
The 5th keller tape I believe was Outside that tent on one of the tables or near the bed. I found it running through the city and stumbled across that tent.

For exploring the world I found 9 bobbleheads, 3 super giant mutants, and 2 keller tapes. I really wish they would have given you some type of direction for finding these damn tapes instead of me cheating to find the remaining 3.
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