What is the worst perk?

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User Info: Esbon

8 years ago#1
There's the oldie but a goodie(err badie?) Swift Learner! 10% faster is great unless you remember that 20 is a the level cap. Following that up I should also mention Here and Now.

Rad Resistance is another stinker. Why anyone would waste a perk on 20% rad resistance, given the abundance of rad resistance apparel and rad-x is beyond me. Heck you just go to a doc and get you radiation healed for a 100 caps.

Level 12 has 2 worthless perks, Cannibal and Life Giver! Cannibal sounds cool until you realize that you only get 10 health and you you have to sit though a longish animation every time. Just splurge on the damn stimpack or get the much much much much much much better perk Fast Metabolism. Can you tell I picked Cannibal? You do get a interesting response in Andale but not interesting enough.

Life Giver. 30 more hp. nuff said.

Contract Killer and Lawbringer. You get 10 caps for each kill. I can't imagine anyone is having money issues at level 14. There are a lot better ways to making money that 10 caps a kill.

You'd think there would be no more bad perks at Level 18 but then Computer Whiz and Infiltrator prove you wrong. First of all I never force hack/pick. Heck if you punch out of a computer and log in back in you get 4 more guesses. You can hack faster by just guessing 3 times and then retrying. Retry and failed Force pick? What do you think the save/load feature is for.

There you have it the worst perks in Fallout 3!!!!

User Info: DarkOctavius

8 years ago#2
entomologist maybe, since bugs arent a problem later. Though im happy they put that in the game, since im an entomology grad student..
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User Info: Evk

8 years ago#3
Swift Learner and Here and Now are total wastes, agreed. Rad Resistance is also pretty useless, since you can heal yourself of all your radiation for free once you get the doctor kit for your house. The rest of these are at least slightly useful, so I'd have to place them above these three.
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User Info: kaos_theory

8 years ago#4
I took life giver - just one more attack before I have to use my meds
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User Info: DarkOctavius

8 years ago#5
maybe the one where all the locations appear on the map, since you can look online.
"I love you Steve! I love you Mike! I love you Steve! I wish you the best!"

User Info: Esbon

8 years ago#6
I was just listing them in in level order not necessarily worstest.

User Info: taymdr256

8 years ago#7
Lead Belly is definitely a contender. wow a whole 2 or 3 less rads from drinking water.

User Info: HatchetHound

8 years ago#8
I also picked Cannibal. I think I did it for the role-playing factor, since it was my first character and I just wanted to enjoy the experience.

I also picked Lawbringer, because I thought it'd yield more than 5 caps a finger.

Next character though...Perk points shall not be wasted.
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User Info: KanonKross

8 years ago#9
In a game mechanics point of view, bloody mess is also pointless, because 5% extra damage would only stack when when it comes to bottlecap mines or fat men... in which they are almost always 1-shot anyways. There won't be any reduction of needed hits from +5%

I also find nerd rage to be a bit useless because I never aim for being under 20% health... because when I get that close, another shot could usually kill me if they are doing that much damage. I wouldn't be in that range enough or even close without healing myself for it to be worth it.
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User Info: Bibbolicious

8 years ago#10
Anything that made you level faster is useless, especially Here and Now.
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