Best character build (IMO)

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User Info: Final_Divide

8 years ago#1 this is most definetly NOT an RPG character build, this is a "top of the line" build

For awhile i've been thinking about how to build the most powerful character, and's very doable with massive amounts of tedious exploration for every skill book (supposedly there are 25 skill books for each skill), and the Comprehension perk. If you obtain every bobblehead, get the charm that raises your Speech +10 from the Oasis quest, and you get +50 to each skill from every book, you're only going to need 240 skill points to max out every single skill, and with this build, you're going to get 239...and im pretty sure you can get another skill point or two from another quest. Also, with 7 Luck, you will need less than 240 to distribute, therefore 1 Intelligence is much more efficient than maxing it out as soon as you get out of Vault 101.

Now, to start off, here's the SPECIAL point distribution.

Strength - 9
Perception - 5
Endurance - 9
Charisma - 4
Intelligence - 1
Agility - 5
Luck - 7

This gives you the biggest Health boost, plus the best weight amount you can carry, and increases all of your skills to 16 instead of 15. Once you're out of the vault, you can obtain the Strength / Intelligence bobbleheads almost instantly, given that you can make your way to Rivet City and break in to Lucas Simms' place easily. This will give you 11 skill points to distribute for level 2, then from 3-20, you'll have 12 x 19 + 11 = 239, that's more than enough to max out your skills to 100 and make the most of your SPECIAL stats.

Perks, here's where personal choice comes into play

2- Black Widow / Lady Killer
3- Intense Training, since there's nothing else to get that isnt a waste (put this into any skill you want that isnt already 9 or Intelligence, i would go with Charisma or Perception personally)
4- Comprehension
5- Child At Heart
6- Bloody Mess
7- Toughness
8- Strong Back
9- Rad Resistance
10- Finesse
11- Mysterious Stranger
12- Sniper
13- Life Giver
14- Cyborg
15- Chemist
16- Better Criticals
17- Action Boy
18- Commando
19- Concentrated Fire
20- Grim Reaper's Sprint

These perks can go in different directions depending on your play can easily get Commando at a lower level for one thing, or you can switch it out with Gunslinger if you like 1-handed guns, or you can skip both and get Lawbringer / Contract Killer / Chem Resistant. These are just the best perks for me to use, and i cant see any other perks that would be better anyways.

Now, with these perks and some rewards you get from other quests, your other stats will look like this without any equipment on.

Damage Resistance - 31% (+10 Toughness, +10 Cyborg, +6 Wasteland Survival Guide, +5 Barkskin)
Rad Resistance - +41% (+25 Rad Resist, +10 Cyborg, +6 Wasteland Survival Guide)
Poison Resistance - +16% (+10 Cyborg, +6 Wasteland Survival Guide)
Crit Hit chance - +13% (+8 from Luck...after you get the bobblehead, +5 from Finesse)

You can also grab +3% Crit from the WSG quest instead of +6% DR, since DR maxes at 85%, you'll probably never need to wear Power Armor with an extra +6%, so +3% Crit might be a better choice. Also, after Those!, take the +1 Perception, or get 8 starting Strength and 6 starting Perception.

That's my two cents, thoughts or comments?
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User Info: Evk

8 years ago#2
I choked on this:

Intelligence - 1

I know you can get that INT bobblehead quickly, but come on. I think you might be better off redirecting some str into INT at the beginning (that power armor you'll be wearing later will boost your STR anyway).
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User Info: Arskagarf

8 years ago#3
intelligence needs to be WAY higher, and strength has no reason to be that high
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User Info: oasisbeyond

8 years ago#4
naw, there's no such thing, just do one that you enjoy.

My first = a winner! and she doesn't have 9 strenght only like 6 or somewthing. She owns! with panties too!
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User Info: Rockman1031

8 years ago#5
Are you really going to go around and collect the 324 skill books? Is it worth it?


User Info: PipBoy2k

8 years ago#6
The process of obtaining all the skill books in the game with skills based on their starting (or close to starting value) with only 1 INT would (IMO) not be possible.

There are many that are behind high level locked doors and the like

User Info: joshrholloway

8 years ago#7
This is swell and all, but it looks like based on the perks that you're trying to build a gun-focused character... so why make Strength so high? Your build works in the endgame, sure, but the hard part is getting there. You should really focus on Intelligence early on in pretty much any build.
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User Info: YouseiJoshi

8 years ago#8
Having low intelligence will screw you over throughout the entire game. Very bad idea.

User Info: Parasomniac

8 years ago#9
Intelligence - 1


User Info: Khandor

8 years ago#10
when I started I had 9 points in int, so that way I got 20 skill points from level 2 onward. Neglecting intel will screw you over long run. Besides, with 9 I was able to get the bobble head, making it 10, and then I used intense training perk to up my other SPECIAL stats.
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