Head of State Quest Guide w/ bug fixes (spoilers)

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User Info: curiousjim10102

8 years ago#1
hey so i worked on the head of state quest for probably a good 7 hours, couldn't get the quest to complete in the end and finally had to search online for help. Then that took forever so i figured I'd post a guide to help everyone else who's stuck on this buggy quest.

1. You can get the quest from Hannible (Temple of Union). Go through all his dialogue options and eventually he'll ask you to help clear the Lincoln Memorial of super muts. He also wants you to talk to Caleb. When you leave the Temple of Union you should have a quest to find a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and another to clear it of super muts.

2. The picture is in the History Museum (the one with the entrance to the underworld). Head to the lower level, then to the offices. In the back of the offices you'll climb a staircase and find a desk with a giant hole in the wall to the left of it. Above the desk is the picture your looking for. (its actually a poster =P). Also in the museum you'll find some Lincoln memorabilia that you can sell later.

i found:
Lincoln's repeater
Lincoln's diary
Lincoln's recorded voice
Collection of Lincoln pennies
Wanted poster of Booth

3. Once you got the picture, head to the Memorial. There you find that there are no super muts, but instead a gang of slavers. Make nice to get in and talk to Leroy Walker. Here you have 3 options, first you can betray the slavers and also sell the stuff you found in the museum to him for caps, or pretend you don't know anything and then go tell Hannibal about what you saw, or get him to attack you and then kill all the slavers in the area (best choice for good karma).

4. Head back to the Temple and give the picture to Caleb and talk to Hannibal. If you didn't sell the stuff to the slavers you can sell it now instead to Hannibal. If you killed the slavers or not, he tells you that they are leaving for the memorial in a hour. Save, then rest for a hour and head outside. Wait by the gates for them to come outside (can take a couple minutes). Keep in mind you can't fast travel while they are getting ready and you can only fast travel once they are on the road and you see Hannibal unsling his rifle.

5. You can do two things here. First you can slowly walk with the group and manually escort them all the way there (takes forever, but they lead you to a couple new subway stations if you haven't explored the DC area much). The other option is to fast travel to "Mall Northwest" subway station and wait there. If you didn't kill the slavers yet, when you meet up with the group outside the station they ask you to help kill the slavers and charge the memorial. If you already killed them, talk to Hannibal and he gives you a dart gun schem.

Bug/fix: The problem i had and a lot of people seem to be having is they can't find the group anymore once they fast travel. What is really going on is that for some reason, instead of taking the normal way, if you fast traveled the group will basically wonder around the wastes for awhile. So the solution is to just wait in front of the station, depending on your luck you might have to wait couple hours or in some cases a couple days to a week (in game).

Hope this helps someone. =D

User Info: Minamo

8 years ago#2
Or you could just go do another quest for a few days, then go back and check to see if they made it. Or wait for a few days.
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User Info: curiousjim10102

8 years ago#3
It takes about 20 secs to wait a day =P. Plus if you do something else while waiting, its possible it'll bug the quest again.

User Info: AnthonyZ

8 years ago#4
Thanks to the OP!

User Info: Swashbucker

8 years ago#5
Thanks a lot! I've been wondering what the hell I did wrong for an hour now!
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User Info: psycho_slicer

8 years ago#6
Slavers dead and hannibel and his crew are inside the memorial and my quest still won't complete. hannibel still has his weapon drawn but a rake is glitching with the rifle so it looks like he has a rake attached to his rifle.

User Info: mrguru1979

8 years ago#7
Posted 11/10/2008 11:03:56 AM
message detail It takes about 20 secs to wait a day =P. Plus if you do something else while waiting, its possible it'll bug the quest again.

The main point here is to focus on the quest like this post said. If it screws up, you won't lose any signifigant progress, you just need to go back to before the glitch and reload.
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User Info: Obsidian_Liege

8 years ago#8
Thanks dude, you saved me a headache!!!

User Info: Shogun_Seth

8 years ago#9
Thanks a lot for posting this! I thought i was screwed. I just slept at Lincoln's feet for two days and then fast traveled to the metro station and they were all standing there....

User Info: Quiet451

8 years ago#10
Thanks a bunch for posting this. I just fast travelled to Mall Northwest, problem solved.
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