How the hell does Chinese Invasion result in good karma?! (SPOILERS)

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  3. How the hell does Chinese Invasion result in good karma?! (SPOILERS)

User Info: Hayame Zero

Hayame Zero
8 years ago#1
Everybody friggin died! How much different is that than what Dr. Betty was having me do?

Thank god the Chinese are apparently neutral towards dogs or else I wouldn't have a dad right now....
If you're not laughing at yourself, you're missing the best joke.

User Info: StaticPenguin

8 years ago#2

They die in Tranquility Lane, but wake up in the real world.....

I think. I didn't stick around to find out really...

User Info: onedustybaby

8 years ago#3
Because the alternative is slashing everyone to bits personally.

User Info: Number_79

8 years ago#4
Because you put them out of their misery of having to be that Braun's play things.

Basically it was a mercy killing.

User Info: Arkady_Husky

8 years ago#5
I think the onus is more on the people being put out of their misery rather than being slaughtered by a bunch of Commie heathen bastards (but I repeat myself).

User Info: Bibbolicious

8 years ago#6
If you kill them via Betty I'm pretty sure they would all come back alive to be d again, but if the program Chinese Invasion was run the program would be complete shut down and those who were killed would be forever. I think

User Info: ajm317

8 years ago#7
As mentioned, Braun had been toying with these people for centuries. Evertime they died they just came back to life and it happened again. Running the Chinese invasion program disabled the failsafes, so when they were killed they actually died in the real world as well, thus putting them out of their misery.

Except Braun. He survived, meaning he had to spend eternity all alone in the simulation.

User Info: Basil_Evenstar

8 years ago#8
It felt to me that you didn't really make much of an effort to save anyone from there. That you just brought the whole thing down as fast as possible. I don't fully agree with the plus to Karma... but the alternative is clearly evil so I guess the "putting them out of their misery" aspect works.

Subtle commentary for assisted suicide? You tell me!

( /\ /\ is a joke. Don't be starting debates people. The Internet isn't the place for that!)

( /\ /\ also a joke.)

User Info: StaticPenguin

8 years ago#9
I guess you get good karma for quickly killing off all these people for good, rather than letting them go with that crazy bastard who wants people to kill them.
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  3. How the hell does Chinese Invasion result in good karma?! (SPOILERS)

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