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User Info: Mirroga

8 years ago#1

My favorite build out of this game is of course, sneaking + getting a very far headshot 1 hit kill with crit all over it using my sniper rifle, plasma rifle, or any rifle under the sun. So i want to share it and also want to know which to improve.


Starting Stats

Strength: 5

Perception: 5

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 1

Intelligence: 9

Agility: 7

Luck: 7


Stats with all Bobblehead stats and 10 Intensive Trainings (I'll explain later):

Strength: 9 (10 if i finish the Ant Quest)

Perception: 7

Endurance: 10

Charisma: 2

Intelligence: 10

Agility: 10

Luck: 9 (10 if i get the lucky 8 ball)



- 10 Intensive Trainings

       Why? Well, i only found 9 necessary perks for this build, plus if you study the bonuses closely givn by the stats (w/out the skills), you'll know their TRUE uses.


- Comprehension/Educated

       I take comprehension for now since I explore more and am a perfectionist in story mode games.  To those who doesn't want extensive and tedious work, go for educated


- Toughness

      Overall useful for any build who wears very good armor, or later in the game, the best armor with a high damage resistance


- Commando

      Rifles and Snipers FTW


- Finesse

       Crits FTW


 - Sniper

      Sneaking and unseen + high percentage of getting a headshot + crits + ninja = 1 SHOT OVERKILL


 - Silent Running

      While Sneaking, its tedious to just walk to maintain being unseen, so its required.


 - Cyborg

       The resistance to damage and others as well as higher energy weapons + toughness + power armor really helps if you got ambushed


 - Better Criticals

      Nuff said


 - Ninja

       The only useful lvl 20 skill to me. Why not grimreaver's sprint? Well, you won't waste much AP when you're unseen and 1-hit shot kill. No hurries as a ninja. Also The bonus sneaking crit works even if you're not using melee (sniper FTW). If i was spotted, the high melee weapon skills will come in handy, shishkabob!!!


NOTE: With these perks I chose, It is required to get big doses of skill points per level so 10 INT and educated/comprehension is a must

Required Skills:

Melee Weapons- 80

Sneak - 80

Medicine - 60

Science - 60

Small Guns & Energy Weapons - Since rifles go on both sides, at least put 60 on both, and add some for extra if there's plenty more spare skill points


FINAL NOTE: The required skills mentioned above will HARDLY finish up all the remaining skill points you might obtain, so put it anywhere, regarding your tastes. I suggest explosives or big arms (but more on explosives since higher explosive skills INCREASES damage)


User Info: rvbrocks4444

8 years ago#2
This sounds really cool...I think I'll try this on my next playthrough :)
Check out my site:
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User Info: _Scooter_

8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: manmon_7

8 years ago#4
I personally would dump science for lockpicking (just because I hate the hacking minigame), and rather than boosting up explosives or big guns, boost up repair so you don't have to waste money on repairing.
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User Info: Saint_Jimmy

8 years ago#5
Sounds sweet and I'm almost tempted to restart my game to try it out.
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User Info: LordofHamsters

8 years ago#6
The Fire Ant quest can boost Perception instead of strength, but not really worth it due to some +1 PER headgear.

User Info: Ouranus

8 years ago#7
Ninja is for those who use melee or unarmed attacks. It does not come into effect with guns.

User Info: dante1st

8 years ago#8
I love the fact you can have custom builds in this game, YET it's still a first person shooter.

User Info: lohman626

8 years ago#9
Why do you need so much strength? If you are that concerned about carry weight, make sure you can get to 5 strength eventually and take strong back instead of further intense trainings. Strength is almost useless in this build. For a ranged attacker 1 pt of strength = 10 lbs of carry weight. That is it.

Why so much perception? The perks you want need 6 perception. Is HUD awareness so important to you?

If you take 9 intelligence + 10 intense trainings, then no educated is a huge mistake. You could drop your initial intelligence by 1, use that point to pump one of the stats you were intense training, and in place of that intense training, take educated. You will end up with at least 23 more skill points that way and lose access to no perks, and end up with only intelligence lowered (which will change nothing about your final build except for the skill points which are more than covered by education. Of course you could just max all skills with 3 initial intelligence and comprehension, but I can understand not wanting to search out around 290 of the skill books to do that.

Here is a similar build that will have much more freedom with perks and will not be under as much pressure to find quite as many skill books

Strength 4 -> 5 bobblehead
Perception 4 -> 6 bobblehead + Ant Sight
Endurance 9 -> 10 bobblehead
Charisma 1 -> 2 bobblehead
Intelligence 9 -> 10 bobblehead
Agility 5 -> 10 bobblehead + 4 Intense Trainings
Luck 8 -> 10 bobblehead + lucky eight ball

Obviously you will take a few intense trainings early to push Agility. Take Educated at level 4 and Comprehension at level 5. Don't take any other only skill boosting perks. Between those two and your intelligence, it will be easy to max all of your skills. Take strong back to compensate for your lower strength in this build if you really are going to miss carrying so much stuff. Now look what has happened:

You can take all the perks you wanted (minus intense trainings which are filler perks and not things to prioritize). You will end up with 48 more skill points than your initial build. Just think of that as 24 fewer skill books you will have to hunt down. You end up with 10 extra carry weight (5 strength + strong back is 10 more carry weight than 9 strength). That is the boring part. The exciting part is because 10 intense trainings has turned into 4 intense trainings, educated and strong back, you now have 4 "extra" perk slots.

Some possibilities:
Action Boy - Crazy that you forgot this one in the initial build, but still had 2 intense training agilities (agility gives +2AP, Action Boy gives +25 AP.

Life Giver - 30 extra health is infinitely better than anything intense training is going to do for you once agility and luck are maxed

Bloody Mess - +5% damage is ok, and again, better than an intense training.

Mysterious Stranger - A possible bonus to your damage output, better than an intense training

Lady Killer - +10% vs females, some extra dialogue options, still better than an intense training.

Honestly, any perk you can take will be better than intense training strength (+10 carry weight), intense training perception (better hud awareness) and intense training charisma (bah).

User Info: lohman626

8 years ago#10
Oh yeah and dump Ninja for Grim Reaper's Sprint. Unless you are sniping them with your fist.
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