Meeting President Eden (spoilers)

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User Info: FeignFegin

9 years ago#1
okay, i just got kidnapped by the enclave after getting the geck. I wanted to talk to president eden but wherever i go it seems, the second in commander guy orders the troops to shoot me. Is this normal? or am i going the wrong way, causing him to do this? 

User Info: javel34

9 years ago#2
It's normal
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User Info: Silentserenity

9 years ago#3
Yeah happened to me too, it's normal. But it still pissed me off.....

User Info: zcicecold

9 years ago#4
Nope, that's the storyline. Go talk to the president and face the ethical decision you're presented with. You're given a choice to do as the president wishes, or to do your own thing. Autumn is in your way no matter what you do.
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User Info: Zelkar

9 years ago#5
Im still trying to understand how the hell Autumn and that science chick survived that radiation and a gunshot wound, somehow managed to escape a still locked door and yet my father didnt?

Dont answer that if the answer is a spoiler for later in the game please lol.
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User Info: BagelsAreTasty

9 years ago#6
It's not a spoiler. Colonel Autumn is an android. Like that other one for the Replicated Man quest. Now, if I told you who that was, that'd be a spoiler.
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