help with barkskin perk!!

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User Info: ShadySpecimen

8 years ago#1

So I read in the strategy guide that getting the barkskin perk at the end of the oasis quest gives you endurance+1 and +10 damage resistance. So I took the route that gave me the perk. However, once I got the perk, it was just 5% damage resistance overall. No +1 to endurance, no +10 damage reduction. Anyone else have this problem? Is it a glitch in the game or a misprint in the strategy guide?


User Info: Bone_Wolf

8 years ago#2
The only problem is the misprint in your strategy guide. It's only 5% and no +to endurance

User Info: TooManyHours

8 years ago#3
It's a misprint in the guide I'm afraid...
There are no facts, only interpretations...

User Info: Greyfox230

8 years ago#4
Not a misprint, the Guide was made using an earlier version of the game so it was changed before the games release, after the guide was printed.

User Info: Schizogen

8 years ago#5
It was also a copied misprint in the guide of someone on gamefaqs who just HAD to be the first on the site with a complete guide *coughs loser*. It bugs me when people simply copy the s**t without checking for errors so that they can be the first posted guide. Prima and Brady are well renowned for have large obvious errors in them (remember the photo ops in GTA San Andreas.... yeesh) and this guide is no different. On a side note, I am halfway glad to see that guide is now gone. Lols
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  3. help with barkskin perk!!

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