Best place to find weapons early in the game?

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User Info: scott0728

8 years ago#1
Just hit Megaton, trying to get good karma only, so can't steal from Armory. All I've got so far is 10mm pistol and Assault Rifle (with like 12 ammo only). Can you go certain places to get better weapons (without having to buy them since i have like 100 caps) or is finding weapons completely random?

User Info: tzar_666

8 years ago#2
on the way to megaton is a school they got weaposn there,do marias quests and go to the super duper mart,

User Info: senselesfire

8 years ago#3
what level are you if your low (3 or less) thats the best you got

User Info: xmrxstalkerx

8 years ago#4
SpringVale School will have quite a few, it's relatively close to Vault 101.
Try Super Duper Mart for others, as quite a few also.
xD Rivet City will be revealed to you shortly, along the route to their, set a marker from the front of megatron and follow.
Big Guns-Energy Guns-Melee Weapons and Small guns will be encountered nonstop on the way.

User Info: HaPpYtRaIlS2244

8 years ago#5
energy pistols at super duper mart

User Info: ratboy72

8 years ago#6
Assault rifle is just fine until you can get a Chinese Assault Rifle.
Get Lincoln's Repeater and you'll never want another small gun.
Unless you want an automatic for close range shredding.
Squeak I say! Squeak!

User Info: the_game_fan

8 years ago#7
Super Duper Mart

User Info: WTFisALife

8 years ago#8
Fort Constantine XD

User Info: Blubum

8 years ago#9
What level lockpick do you need for the armory again?
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User Info: Kroguys

8 years ago#10
Tell the sheriff about Burke's plan, then collect his weapon. :)
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