So the Arlington Library Scribe didn't buy my Pre-War books.

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User Info: CrazyLarkin

8 years ago#1
So I nuked the *****.

User Info: ArchMageSynok

8 years ago#2
you have to agree to help her, while doing the survival guide quest there.
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User Info: CrazyLarkin

8 years ago#3
I'm evil. I told her to **** off.

User Info: sigmalives

8 years ago#4
i noticed something once while i was hunting for pre war books. one of the merchants (i don't remember who) was selling 3 pre-war books for 1 or 2 caps each, so obviously i bought them. then i went to arlington library, and that ***** wouldn't buy them from me! i went back to megaton and stuck them in my "Stuff that i need to collect for missions or money" locker and stuck em in there. they didn't add in with my other pre war books.

did you find the books you had, or did you buy them?
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User Info: RoethIisberger

8 years ago#5
^yeah i noticed that too, the books have to be found, not purchased from a vendor. lame.

User Info: El_B7_55555

8 years ago#6
I don't think you have to find it. If it has a "junk" icon in it, then the scribe won't accept. If it has a "books" icon, she'll most likely accept it.
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User Info: CrazyLarkin

8 years ago#7
Those are different books, they have a blue cover.

But, the scribe only had two options when I spoke to her:"What do you do" and "I'm leaving".

User Info: falconmdx

8 years ago#8
So far I've found 3 pre-war books that have a junk icon next to them that will not be accepted at the library. You can tell which are the junk ones because they have the junk icon when you view them in your inventory and they will not stack with the rest of your pre-war books.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

8 years ago#9
PreWar books with a Value of 1 can be donated. PreWar Books with a Value of 5 can not.

User Info: NightmareXXX007

8 years ago#10
thats a shame you killed her get 100caps a pop for prewar books...i make regular trips down there with about 10 at a time or so...and walk out with a grand...ive had no problems with her taking my books
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  3. So the Arlington Library Scribe didn't buy my Pre-War books.

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