Holy crap! Protector Casdin is a pain to pickpocket!

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  3. Holy crap! Protector Casdin is a pain to pickpocket!

User Info: Xaosin

8 years ago#1
So, I'm at Fort Independence. It's early in the game but I am trying to hand in the technology now with some Laser Pistols and Rifles that I found so I can get in good with the Outcasts and break into their base, in hopes of finding some better technology awaiting me there or what not. ;)

So, I gave him various Pistols and Rifles. It's night time. I use a Stealth Boy. No one else is around. I have all my armor off. I'm behind him. It -says- I am Hidden. I go to steal back what I gave him to give it back..

And he constantly catches me!

What in the hell? Man oh man is this irritating. I've reloaded that save point at least eighty times and everytime I try to snatch something from him, in these most optimal conditions, the jerk catches me somehow.

Any idea why? Could I just be glitched? I don't mind if its a glitch but otherwise Pickpocketing this guy must be damn near impossible!

Oh, and if I pickpocket him and get caught, and he gets angry.. is it possible to leave the area for a week or two and return on his good side? Will he forget like other NPCs do in towns?

User Info: Daedric9

8 years ago#2
whats your pickpocket skill at?
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User Info: Xaosin

8 years ago#3
My Sneak was at 50, but I used a Stealth Boy to go at 100+

User Info: konokonohamaru

8 years ago#4
i sometimes wonder if stealth boy's bonus to sneak affects pickpocket or not. anyone know?

User Info: Hatreds_Wrath

8 years ago#5
Protector Casdin is naturally hard as hell to pickpocket. I've done it only once for the Alien Blaster and it took tons of re-loads for it to finally work.

User Info: Xaosin

8 years ago#6
I decided just to off him and his entire base. I grew too annoyed with trying to reload and pickpocket him. At first, I was disappointed with the base.. until I found the Lower Level! Mwahaha. Moira will have a field day with all the stuff I plan to sell her!

User Info: WhereAreCookies

8 years ago#7
every 10th load or so netted me success. if your sneak skill was maxxed, you should've had similar results. i can only conclude that the stealth boy's bonus doesn't affect pickpocketing.

User Info: MC2004

8 years ago#8
usually only takes me 6-10 reloads to pick pocket him, and thats with 20-30 sneak XD

then again, I was going after alien power cells each time to sell back to him for frags/stimpacks, which are weightless.
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User Info: WhereAreCookies

8 years ago#9
oh, i was pickpocketing alien blaster btw.

User Info: MuellerBoi4

8 years ago#10
If you are planning on getting the DLC in March I would reload your game because he is a possible quest giver for that quest and you cant receive the quest from him if he is dead.
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  3. Holy crap! Protector Casdin is a pain to pickpocket!

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