The most evil thing you can do to a water beggar

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User Info: Cog-For-Blood

8 years ago#1
Take your rock-it lancher, shoot a water bottle filled with clean water at the beggar, killing him. Grab the water from the ground then drink it over the dead body.

Yes I done this, now lets talk about the evil things you did in the game.
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User Info: shadowzerg

8 years ago#2
I made a little boy run away from home.
XBL Gamertag: Shadowzerg
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User Info: Auron66

8 years ago#3
...ehm... killed a kid's parents before his eyes and then shoot 8 nukes at the kid?
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User Info: Cresset

8 years ago#4
Technically, you DID give him water...he just wasn't fast enough.

I once talked to Maggie while holding Billy Creel's head. When she whimpers about his death, she looks to the left. Looked like she was scared of confronting me and just said "someone" killed him. Afterwards I just left it at their door.
This reminds me of that question: Is it ironic if you smack a baby's face with a no more tears" shampoo?

User Info: Cresset

8 years ago#5
and then shoot 8 nukes at the kid?

I don't think he noticed, lol

Oh, also once I slaughtered Megaton with an assault rifle, a hunting rifle and a combat knife.

Billy Creel was the first. I cut off the limbs of everyone and scattered it around the city. I left Nova's remains all over the bar, and toyed with them a little.

Best thing was running after screaming Maggie while wearing a hockey mask and Billy's outfit, swinging a combat knife.
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User Info: T3H_1337

8 years ago#6
this is fantastic i love this topic... for me:

with a beggar i said hell no you cant have the water for free then i asked him if he wanted it again, he got excited then i said hell no again then killed him.

i took a behemoths teddy bear then i killed him and i TP to rivet city and threw it in the potomac
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User Info: Jiminip

8 years ago#7
Killed a kids parents in front of him, then ate them while he watched.
Pwned by a Deathclam, damn that clam.

User Info: DecadesOfGaming

8 years ago#8
I thougt it was amusing to jump up and down on a begger in third person just to see his reaction.. But I soon got bored with it before putting the poor guy out of his misery.. Bethesda should of included the option to let dogmeat attack the beggers or at least hump their leg until exhausted, just like most overly excited K.9's.. That would of been amusing to see the beggers reaction.. Personally I think the beggers are all working together, each one has his own collection of safety deposit boxes stuffed full of cash scattered carefully throughout the wastland. Or together they own a highly lucrative and successfull underground water shipping company. Perhaps we will never know. Never trust a begger.

User Info: Likwidlyric12

8 years ago#9
In rivet city i convinced some idiot kid to run away from home...then enslaved his mother. He wont be going back.
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User Info: WileECoyte

8 years ago#10
I don't know if it's evil enough but my new build I like keeping my small Guns around 60, why because I love shooting Raiders, SM, and wastelanders in the back when they try and run away.
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