Evil Character build (second playthrough)

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User Info: ryguy_22222

8 years ago#1
I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough (saint) and plan to make an evil female for my next go-around.

I would like to focus in energy weapons. Are there enough sources for energy weapons early in the game (before the Enclave)? What are some other recommendations?

I specialized in Stealth, Lockpicking and Small Guns for my last playthrough and hit lvl 20 in about 35 - 40 hours. After that I was basically unstoppable.
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User Info: Beast13x

8 years ago#2
The only place I can think of off the top of my head is the super duper mart. In it is a laser pistol sitting on a counter with a few cells lying around that was the first place I encountered an energy weapon anyway.

User Info: Smegbot

8 years ago#3
When I made an energy weapons user, I was lucky enough to exit the vault near a few Outcasts. Two had laser rifles and one had a gatling laser. If you're lucky you might run into them. They'll be up the road that runs past the vault. If you do find them, you'll probably have to run down to Springvale and grab the frag grenades from the mailbox before you can beat them.

Finding ammo may be a slight problem, but it shouldn't be too hard if you're any good at gathering caps and use the merchants.
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User Info: hauntbot

8 years ago#4
2 laser pistols in the SD mart. I marvel at how everyone either forgets or misses the one in the lower shelf.

2 more in vault 106, which is a good early game area imo.

another one on the way to GNR, along with some dead mercenaries in the tunnels, one of which always has a laser rifle, and the other of which has a random laser weapons(rifle or pistol)

getting decent speech to knock out the replicated man early on can be a good idea.

so can going out of your way for the alien blaster. lets face, its just not necessary in the late game. if you can get it early on, it'll actually be useful for serious situations.

also doing the superhuman gambit and siding with the mechanist for the protectrons gaze is a good move, especially if you dont want to rush through the main quest to activate the enclave.
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