I tried to save Amata and...(spoilers)

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User Info: catdadanddog

8 years ago#1

Me and Charon were going to the Republic of Dave to knock him off when we came across Amata surrounded by the Enclave behind a power station just south of the Dave's place. She was talking to the Enclave officer and she said, "I am from vault 101 and you have to help me." The enclave officer pulled her pistol and I entered VATS. I was about 15 feet away and each chance of a vats hit was 0. I exited VATS because of no hit. As soon as I did, they killed Amata. Charon died during the fire fight and when it was over, my health was critical and I had head damage.

Amata had 2 pistols and 5 stimpaks on her. The Enclave officer had 1 stimpak, a laser pistol, and 2 pulse grenades.

When I got to Dave's place, I didn't want to kill him and I felt guilty for sabotaging the vault and killing Amata's dad.

I wonder if Amata can be saved at all because I would like to have that chance again. But I don't think she can be saved because VATS gave zero chance and she was shot by 2 Enclave at the same time. In the back and in the head.

User Info: Auron66

8 years ago#2
She can be saved, but don't expect any special bonus or something.
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User Info: TimJab

8 years ago#3

From: catdadanddog | #001
But I don't think she can be saved because VATS gave zero chance and she was shot by 2 Enclave at the same time. In the back and in the head.

You just have to get closer...and you know you can target multiple enemies in the same V.A.T.S. sequence right?
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User Info: marumari77

8 years ago#4
Amata still hates you, she will run away only to be killed by something else.
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User Info: Fdshadow

8 years ago#5
This is a scripted encounter, she reveals the location of V101, then is executed. If you somehow save her, she will simply run away.
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User Info: Davehead

8 years ago#6
The guide says she will yell at you about how you've ruined her life if you somehow manage to save her...I've never been able to bring myself to sabotage the vault, so I've never seen this myself.

User Info: Alixen1

8 years ago#7
If i havent missed it, i'm going to have to save her.

My character became unhinged after his fathers death and he blamed the Vault, unjustly in anger, and he went straight to flush the Waterchip without talking to anyone but Butch, who gave him the idea.

James is dead.

Most of the Vault's resident's are dead.

Butch is dead, after a long journey with the LW, he ran into a Deathclaw with only a Combat Shotty.

The Vault is a ghost-town full of old memories and a few Radroaches.

Frankly now my LW has come back to his senses he feels extremly guilty and has very few ties left to the world; Clover, Butch's old switchblade kept as a keepsake, and Megaton.

It would give him a peace of mind to know Amata was alive somewhere if he saves her. Realistically she lived long enough to meet the Enclave (and in my game thats running up to ingame weeks) so i don't think it's fair to assume she'll just get killed by another enemy.

I know if you follow her ingame she will; but if you just let her go and perhaps fast travel she will disappear and pressumably head back to where the refugees from 101 are hanging out (from a RP perspective).

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

8 years ago#8
Reload a save. Her life is not worth saving. Especially if it sacrifices Charon.
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