Level 30 "perfect" build questions

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User Info: gamecubefan7

8 years ago#1
Alright so, I've been reading this topic extensively:
Hopefully some people from that topic will see this one.

I have a few questions about creating the "perfect" level 30 character...

Is it more worthwhile to start with less intelligence or endurance? Ideally I would like them both to start at 9 and grab the bobbleheads before level 3, meaning my build could have the max HP possible AND max skill points per level. However, I don't think that is possible without sacrificing important things like luck and agility required for specific perks. So my question is would it be best to start with only 7 endurance or is 7 INT enough to still max every skill?

Also, I noticed no builds seem to include the educated perk. Is this because Broken Steel's level cap increase makes it worthless? I always thought that extra 80+ skill points would be worthwhile...

I have a rough build planned out, and I'm still trying to figure out how to start this "perfect" build. I am a slight perfectionist, and I would really like to have an awesome level 30 character, especially because my current build is just a mess.

I'm sure I have more questions but I'll think of them later, hopefully someone can provide me feedback if they have currently or are in the process of leveling a similar perfect build.
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User Info: Amber_Marie

8 years ago#2
The SPECIAL I would suggest is:

S: 5
P: 6
E: 6
C: 1
I: 9
A: 7
L: 6

It has lasting power and can get all of the good perks, as well as a ass load of skill points.
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User Info: chimpe2121

8 years ago#3
I have a perfect build that pretty much meets the two requirements you posted. Its 9 int based with 7 endurance though. For a truly perfect you'd probably reverse those. I'll post its layout here when i get home.
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User Info: chimpe2121

8 years ago#4
That one is close. Better would be:

With intense training at level 2 to bump luck up to 6 so you can grab better crits perk before 30.
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User Info: menalaos1971

8 years ago#5
There is no such thing as a Perfect Build. The way you play will probably not be the way I play, and we both will probably play differently than just about everyone else. So a Perfect Build would be unique to each player.
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User Info: gamecubefan7

8 years ago#6
I like that one. But couldn't I start with 5 PER and get ant sight? I think I only need 6 PER right?

Also, does the lucky 8 ball count as if you had another level of luck when you level up? Will I be able to take better Criticals at level 16 if I have 5 luck + lucky 8 ball?
"The truly wise recognize their own ignorance."

User Info: gamecubefan7

8 years ago#7
regardless of play styles I'm trying to basically come up with a build that can have max stats and SPECIAL, while also being as combat effective as possible. That is to say, can basically pick up any weapon and be great with it.
"The truly wise recognize their own ignorance."

User Info: Renegade

8 years ago#8
The build presented in that topic was a refined design based on an earlier draft of mine, here's the final version if you're interested:

Renegade’s Combat Perfectionist Build

This particular build I conceived after the release of Broken Steel, the primary function of which is to take advantage of the newly released Almost Perfect Perk, which raises all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to 9 (excluding all attributes that already exceed this value).

Essentially it's for those who like to have the Perfect S.P.E.C.I.A.L score (straight 10's), capability to conveniently max out all Skills, and achieve Combat Efficiency in the sense that this build was designed with the intention to have its damage output maximised, and capable of utilising any Weapon in the game to it's utmost potential.

The Unarmed bonus (100+) can also be taken advantage of by raising U-Skill to 100 before reading Books and applying other Skill bonuses (Bobblehead, Endurance modifiers, etc...)

The downside? Before level 30, this Character is objectively inferior to the Classic Build (7, 4, 9, 1, 3, 8, 8) therefore progression through the game until such a point will be less convenient, but non-the less it is still a capable build, just somewhat restricting until Almost Perfect is obtained.


Initial Setup

Strength – 4
Perception – 5
Endurance – 9
Charisma – 1
Intelligence – 9
Agility – 7
Luck – 5

Mid-Game (Pre-Almost Perfect)

Strength – 4
Perception – 6 (Ant Sight)
Endurance – 10 (Bobblehead)
Charisma – 1
Intelligence – 10 (Bobblehead)
Agility – 7
Luck – 10 (+) (Bobblehead + Lucky 8 Ball + *Apparel)

*Apparel – Ranger Battle Armour / Tribal Power Armour + Lucky Shades + Three Dog’s Headwrap

Note: The aforementioned stat values are required to be met during Mid-game if one wishes to qualify for the relevant Perk layout.

End Result (Post-Almost Perfect)

Strength – 10 (Bobblehead)
Perception – 10 (Bobblehead)
Endurance – 10
Charisma – 10 (Bobblehead)
Intelligence – 10
Agility – 10 (Bobblehead)
Luck – 10 (Drop Lucky 8 Ball just prior to reaching level 30, then reacquire it)


Level 2 – 5/5+ Skill Perk (My Preference - Thief)
Level 3 – Lady Killer
Level 4 – Iron Fist (1)
Level 5 – Iron Fist (2)
Level 6 – Toughness
Level 7 – Iron Fist (3)
Level 8 – Commando
Level 9 – Bloody Mess
Level 10 – Finesse
Level 11 – Entomologist
Level 12 – Silent Running
Level 13 – Robotics Expert
Level 14 – Cyborg
Level 15 – Life Giver
Level 16 – Better Criticals
Level 17 – Action Boy
Level 18 – Paralyzing Palm
Level 19 – Sniper
Level 20 – Grim Reaper’s Sprint
Level 21 – Ninja
Level 22 – Quantum Chemist
Level 23 – Pyromaniac
Level 24 – Demolition Expert (1)
Level 25 – Demolition Expert (2)
Level 26 – Nerves Of Steel
Level 27 – Demolition Expert (3)
Level 28 – Concentrated Fire
Level 29 – Gunslinger
Level 30 – Almost Perfect

There are some "common sense" issues that most should grasp, for example you won't have Comprehension, therefore Books can only make up for 24-26 Skill Points in total, dependant on the Skill (some have more or less Books than others), taking Bobbleheads into account that's 34-36 Points total that can be made up for, therefore it's your job to raise your Skills accordingly, to reach roughly 64-66 Pre-Bobblehead / Skill Book additions.

Furthermore you've got bonuses from Perks and otherwise that can also be taken into account before deciding to heavily invest Skill points in particular Skills, for example:

Yew's Bear Charm + 10 Speech
Silent Running + 10 Sneak
Cyborg + 10 Energy Weapons
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User Info: gamecubefan7

8 years ago#9
Thank you very much Renegade109, that is exactly what I was looking for.
"The truly wise recognize their own ignorance."

User Info: Renegade

8 years ago#10
No worries.

= )
Music is my Religion... - Jimi Hendrix
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