FishyStick's Guide to Helpful Glitches

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User Info: FishyStick

8 years ago#1
Don't post til my sig says so please.

Got bored, did this. Maybe Spoilers.

Table of Contents

Vanilla game glitches:

-Scrap Metal Glitch
-Jump Off a Tall Building and Live
-Respawning Skill Books
-Colonel Autumn's 10mm Pistol
-Infinite Alien Power Cells
-Multiple Follower Glitch
-Merchant Glitch
-Ghoul Mask Glitch

DLC glitches:

-Keep your Operation: Anchorage Inventory
-100% Repair Glitch
-Ghoul Ecology
-Point Lookout's Ghoul Mask Glitch
-Infinite Hat Glitch

Vanilla Game Glitches

---Scrap Metal Glitch---
This glitch freezes the amount of Scrap Metal you have. It is done with Protector Casdin and any of the items you can turn into him, but Scrap Metal is easiest to work with

To do this glitch you need: An even number of Scrap metal and a high sneak skill. Chinese Stealth Suit and/or Stealth Boys are recommended for people with low Sneak.

2. Give Casdin all of the Scrap Metal you have.
3. Steal back the all of the Scrap Metal.
4. Give back all the Scrap Metal except 2
5. Steal back all of the Scrap metal again.
6. Finally try to steal something else from Casdin (His Laser Pistol for example) You want to get caught doing this. This will give you a negative amount of scrap metal, meaning that even though you have no scrap metal, you still have the option of giving scrap metal to Walter, Casdin, etc.

After doing this, make sure not to pick up any more scrap metal, as this will reset the glitch and you will have to redo everything.


---Jump Off a Tall Building and Live---
This glitch is very simple. You can use it to quickly go from the top of places like Tenpenny Tower to the ground floor.

All you have to do is jump off and right before you hit the ground, save. Then reload the last save and you will live.

Source: The GameFAQs Forums

---Respawning Skill Books---
I don't know if this is really a 'glitch' per se, but I thought it'd be helpful to include. There are two skill books that respawn, a Big Book of Science and and U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes.

The Bethesda Ruins, East Offices there's a Raider that carries a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes skill book. He respawns every 73 hours, so you can farm the skill book from him for 100 Big Guns early on.

In the Shalebridge Tunnels there's a Dead Researcher that respawns with a Big Book of Science every 73 hours.

WARNING: There is a major glitch that WILL freeze your game if you try to re-enter the tunnels without the fix, which is posted below.

1. Save your game just before you enter the tunnel for the first time.
2. Go inside the tunnel.
3. Kill all the ants and the Ant Researcher.
4. Loot the book, and touch nothing else.
5. Leave the tunnel.
5. Wait someplace far away for 24 + 24 + 24 + 5 hours.
6. Repeat from one, notice the saving is an advice and after you killed the ants for the first time; they won't respawn.

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User Info: FishyStick

8 years ago#2
---Colonel Autumn's 10mm Pistol---
When the Enclave first storms Project Purity, you will find Colonel Autumn confronting Dad. After Dad sets off the explosion that kills everyone in the purifier, you can glitch through the door to search their bodies.

To do this you need to stand as close to the door as possible. Now click and hold the Left Bumper (LB) to go into 3rd Person view. Spin the camera around with the Right Stick and you should be able to search the dead bodies through the door.

This glitch can be performed anywhere, not just Project Purity. For example, you can do the glitch to get into the National Guard Depot Bunker without all of the Keller Family Transcripts. See this video for how to do it, it's the second one:

Source: The GameFAQs Forums

---Infinite Alien Power Cells---
This glitch will give you an infinite amount of Alien Power Cells (APC's). It takes advantage of enemies tendency to pick up more powerful weapons and spawn ammo for them.

To do the glitch you need: 1 (one) Alien Power Cell, Alien Blaster (or Firelance), and a Raider. It's also recommended that you use the Chinese Stealth Suit and Stealth Boys if your sneak is low.

To make this glitch much easier, turn your difficulty down to Very Easy

1. Reverse pickpocket a Alien Power Cell onto the Raider.
2. Drop Alien Blaster in front of the enemy, and get out of Sneak Mode.
3. Let the enemy fire a couple of shots at you before killing him.
4. Loot the Alien Blaster from him before the APC.
5. Repeat as many times as needed

You should now have a random number of extra APC's . Let's say you start with one. You then do the glitch and pick up the Alien Blaster then the APC you started with. You now have 5. So from the 1 you originally had, you now have 6.


---Multiple Follower Glitch---
This glitch lets you have every possible follower with you instead of just one.

1. Hire Sergeant RL-3
2. Go to the companion you want to hire (make sure you have the required Karma) and tell RL-3 to wait. Then talk to him and choose the dialog option, "not just yet, I want to talk about something" and fire him
3. Hire the companion you want.
4. Go inside a building and wait 7-8 days. You should receive the message "Sergeant RL-3 has returned to Canterbury Commons" which opens a companion slot.
5. Rehire Sergeant RL-3
6. Repeat steps 2-5

If you have Broken Steel, there is a quicker way.
This method requires you to have Broken Steel and have taken the "Puppies" Perk.

1. Get Dogmeat, then head to a cell very close to the next companion you want.
2. Get another follower to fill the first companion slot.
2. Kill Dogmeat. (Easiest way to do this is to tell him to wait at Vault 101 and pickpocket a grenade onto him.)
3. Quickly hire the next companion.
4. Retrieve Dogmeat's puppy.
6. Repeat steps 3-5.


---Merchant Glitch---
This glitch occurs when you buy a set of armor from a merchant.

1. Find a merchant with 2 sets of the same armor. (Fully invested Crow is a good place for this.)
2. Buy one set of armor, and then sell it back.
3. Buy any of the same armor back. (If you started this with a set of Combat Armor, any other set of Combat armor will work.) When you buy the armor, it should be fully repaired.
4. Sell it back, it will now return to its original condition.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 as many times as needed.

Source: Salmonking51
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User Info: gamerguy1050

8 years ago#3
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User Info: FishyStick

8 years ago#4
---Ghoul Mask Glitch---
When you try to equip the Ghoul Mask while it's broken, it won't let you equip it. It will, however, give you the effect of the mask without having to wear it. So even though you aren't wearing the mask, Feral Ghouls will still be friendly to you.


DLC Glitches

---Keep your Operation: Anchorage Inventory---
Doing this glitch will allow you to take items out of the Operation: Anchorage simulation. Every one of these items has amazingly high health, meaning you will never have to repair them.

1. Put on the Neural Interface Suit but DO NOT SIT DOWN.
2. Go into the locked room and drag out Gary 23. Position him in the simulation pod so you can access him while sitting in the pod.
3. Get in the pod and make sure to be looking at Gary 23 before the simulation starts.
4. Complete the simulation.
5. After you kill Jingwei, General Chase will talk to you and then the screen will start to getting bright and fuzzy. After this a loading screen will come up, keep pressing 'A' as fast as you can while it loads.

If you do this right, Gary 23's inventory should open and you can put all your items in him before you actually 'regain consciousness'. After Protector McGraw talks to you, you can retrieve your items.

How to get as many items as possible
-During the battle with Jingwei, shoot his sword out of his and pick it up before him. Also look out for the Chinese soldiers with Chinese Officer's Swords, as you can do the same thing with those.

-You can pickpocket a Fatman off one of the T-51b soldiers.You can also steal a Minigun off one if you pickpocket his 5mm rounds and then shoot the Minigun out of his hands.

-You can get every weapons kit from the Quartermaster. Just keep changing your kit. Make sure to drop all of your weapons before changing gear, or he will take them away.

-Right outside the American Camp, on the way to the Chimera Depot there will be an American soldier executing Chinese Soldiers. On the sandbags behind the American soldier is a Chinese Commando Hat.

-You can get infinite ammo from the ammo dispensers. This is best done after you get all the weapons from the Quartermaster. Just get the ammo, drop it, and then get more from the dispenser. Repeat as many times as needed.

-Unlike other NPC's, the Quartermaster stays in the simulation after you kill him. You can get a second suit of Winterized Combat Armor this way.


---100% Repair Glitch---
This glitch takes advantage of the NPC Haley, the owner of the store Haley's Hardware in Point Lookout. Every time you leave his store his Repair skill goes up by 5.

The best way to do this is to fast travel to a nearby place, like Blackhall Manor and back.

Be careful though, because sometimes his repair will reset at 16 or quit increasing for no apparent reason, so save each time you leave.

Got questions?

User Info: FishyStick

8 years ago#5
---Ghoul Ecology---
This Point Lookout perk has been glitched to not only affect Ghouls, but every enemy.

You obtain the perk from reading Plik's Journal, which is found in the Coastal Grotto.

Automatic weapons like Assault Rifles, Chinese Assault Rifles, and especially Gatling Lasers are affected most by this, since every shot gets the +5 damage boost.


---Point Lookout's Ghoul Mask Glitch---
There is another glitch affecting the Ghoul Mask in Point Lookout.

During the quest "Walking with Spirits" you have to find the Mother Punga Plant in the Great Bog. If you have the Ghoul Mask on when activating the Plant, Ghouls will be friendly to you no matter if you're wearing the mask or not.

This only works with the Ghouls in Point Lookout, though.


---Infinite Hat Glitch---
If you have the Chinese Stealth Suit, you can wear as many pieces of headgear as you want. Just equip the CSS and then equip the all of the desired headgear. They will also stay equipped if you switch armor.

The Damage Resistance (DR) will only stack if you switch to a different armor and all of the headgear you're wearing is different. This means that 10 Combat Helmets will equal the DR of 1 Combat Helmet, but the DR of a Combat Helmet and a Power Helmet stack together.

There is also a Damage Resistance cap, which is at 85 DR.


User Info: XMetRoidMaNX

8 years ago#6
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User Info: Dante729

8 years ago#7
Gamerguy for the lose there.
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User Info: Dante729

8 years ago#8
Sorry for the double post, but nice guide as well.
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User Info: FishyStick

8 years ago#9
People are idiots...

Meh, don't really care. XD
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User Info: gamerguy1050

8 years ago#10
Sorry about that didnt see anything that said it on the bottom of the post, i apologize
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