Finding the Mayor in Little Lamplight?

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User Info: kevaxe2k2

8 years ago#1
I am trying to get into Vault 87. It took FOREVER for the Mayor to show up (at the front) and he told me about the computer. Turns out, I don't have the science skill for it, so I have to find him again. I have wandered around the whole cavern, tried waiting, tried leaving and coming back, and I can't find the guy. Just keep finding Knock Knock, Eclair, etc. Is there somewhere he hangs out when hes not up front? I have tried daytime and nightime. thanks
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User Info: Fran6789

8 years ago#2
I had a quest arrow pointing him out to me if I can remember
or was it to find the kid that repairs the computer... hope it helps
I looked for him for like 30 mins befor I notticed the quest arrow
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User Info: KeybladeRYNO666

8 years ago#3
Also, have you tried wearing a labcoat and taking mentos? You only need 50 Science so that might be enough to let you hack.
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