Lump of Brain?

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User Info: JamesPipBoy3000

7 years ago#1
Is there anything i can do with lump of brain the got cut out of my head????

User Info: ZzMeatwadZz

7 years ago#2
Put it on a shelf and giggle every time you walk by it.
GT: ZzMeatwadZz

User Info: Kai_Laguna

7 years ago#3
The best Rock-it Launcher ammo ever, yes even better then the giant teddy bear and giddyup buttercup.
Kaiselius, Carbuncle server

User Info: EternalVarik

7 years ago#4
Gives a new meaning to "mind over matter".
-Spike Spiegel

User Info: FishyStick

7 years ago#5
Eat it.

Om nom nom nom.
I prefer Dr. FishyStick, thank you very much.

User Info: Sheogorad

7 years ago#6
I put mine on a rock in the deepest cave i could find.
If you can tell me what my name is from ill give you a cookie :D
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User Info: eabeathan

7 years ago#7
your name is from the elder scrolls 3: morrowind which in my opinion is the best elder scrolls game

cookie please...
fear is not so much an emotion to deal with as it is a reaction to be overcome

User Info: Ronin_Nexus

7 years ago#8
^ Specifically the northernmost region (not including Solstheim) that is made up of many islands, if I remember correctly.

Cookie plz, kthxbye.
With great power comes great responsibility, as well as great opportunity to abuse that power.

User Info: IlliniFan2005

7 years ago#9
It's not actually a lump o' brain. If you look at it REALLY closely, you can see that it's a _____.

Who wants to go first?

User Info: livestgamer09

7 years ago#10
piece of pooh
psn & xbl GT: emcc09
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