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User Info: Ninja_Pirlo

7 years ago#1
So i have the Megaton house and i was wondering about three things:

1) Does buying themes for you house affect what you have in the lockers and stuff, like making them disappear when you buy a theme?

2) Are there any themes that give you more storage in your house at all?

3) Is there any theme that sticks out as being better than the others?
Pain is Temporary but Pride is Forever

User Info: 1949tcr

7 years ago#2
Wasteland explorer..Just save 1st and check them all out..No extra storage...Your stuff should be safe...I only lost stuff once..I was living with the Gibsons..Nice family, a bit on the thin side....
RE,DMC,SH,GTA,DOOM, FO3, Sacred-2, Vectorman & Sinatra these are a few of my favorite things, insert music here.

User Info: Jobi987

7 years ago#3
Ah, but that wasn't Mr Gibson in the bed! He is found inside the Capital Post building. Mrs Gibson was cheating on him!

I used to like the Scientist theme, but the butler always got stuck in the bedroom.

It would've been nice if they had added some more themes with the dlcs. Nothing over the top, just something different.

And the storage in Megaton house is fine. I've never had anything vanish.

User Info: shorthandle

7 years ago#4
Yeah, Wadsworth getting stuck in the bedroom was his final mistake. BANG. Peace at last. No more "You appear to be wounded!" every time I came in. Tell me something I don't know, robot.

I've never had anything disappear that was in a container before getting a theme. Some junk lying around went missing.
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