Funniest Glitches

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User Info: Yoshimetsu

7 years ago#1
I think the funniest glitch I have seen thus far is when i shot a car next to this Merc Talon guy and he flew into the air really high and was spinning like a boomerang and until this day he remains in that area flying around xD

User Info: Awalsh21

7 years ago#2
one time I fast traveled to agatha's house after beating her qwest i walked across the bridge and for no reason at all fawkes collapsed and died.
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User Info: TheMoogle01

7 years ago#3
The Super Mutant Behemoth at Jury Street Metro got stuck on the railings and kept walking back and forth.

Needless to say, it was easy Fat Man food.

User Info: XxDICE_ICExX

7 years ago#4
Every time I fast travel to a place a mister gusty comes flying out of no where and it's a wall everytime.
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User Info: OldGreg420

7 years ago#5
qwest hahaha
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User Info: J Nice

J Nice
7 years ago#6
I killed some Regulators by the sewer station near grayditch, and everytime I fast travel there one of their heads drops out of the sky and bounces all over the place.
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User Info: WWEfan61288

7 years ago#7
I pickpocketed a raider of his ammo from an ash pile he left behind last time he died.
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User Info: Kylelolcat

7 years ago#8
I shot at the ground with the Gauss Rifle, and it causes it to become an Orbital Gauss Bombardment Rifle.

Kind of like this:

*Takes gun out*
*walks out of gunfire*
*hides in complete cover while killing raiders with the orbital rifle*

******* awesome.
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User Info: Ray_MK_III

7 years ago#9
I was walking around the wasteland once, and I came across a Deathclaw. But when I went walking towards it, it ****ing flew away. Like, it just started going up and up and up until it was gone. I'm thinking the aliens got it.
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****ing bastard aliens.

User Info: Xade76

7 years ago#10
On my first time playing the game, right after I exited the Vault for the first time I saw the Scenic View sign (if that's what is says, haven't played in a while), only crumpled up next to the sign was the body of the ghoul guy for one of the quests at Tenpenny Tower, and then after I hit level 2 and put in my first 19 skill points and got my first perk, I failed the quest for that guy that I hadn't even started. As you could imagine, I was completely baffled. Only later on when I read through my Prima Games strategy guide did I realize what the hell had just happened. God, what a glitch.

Also, not quite a glitch (more of a mean physics lesson to say the least... ._.), but the one time that the Firelance ever dropped for me from the sky... it landed on a building. Even spamming Dogmeat's find option couldn't do anything for me. I even reloaded a save prior, but to no avail would it ever drop again. Dammit.

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