Who is the WORST companion?

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User Info: Great_Pagliacci

7 years ago#11
clover is just awful, besides you would be better off with Charon or Jericho anyway. Clover is only cool for dress-up and rp.
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User Info: ZZTrash

7 years ago#12
I don't have the stats in front of me but I think it has to be Clover in terms of both gameplay and just as a traveling companion. She dies constantly. And all her suggestive talk seems like a fun idea, until you're actually interacting with her and your wife is in the next room and overhears it. Suddenly, all those "You can do whatever you want to me, honey" remarks are followed by "Hey, what kind of game are you playing in there?"
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User Info: Feartheliving

7 years ago#13
I've only really played good so I only had a couple followers. Dogmeat, Fawkes, Charon, and Cross.

I think the best/worst is Fawkes he's super awesome because he is so strong, but every time I use him after BS he'll glitch up enemies and make Fallout 3 slowdown. He's also a great pack mule.
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User Info: J Nice

J Nice
7 years ago#14
I like Butch. I gave him hellfire armor, glasses, a prewar hat and Eugene and he was good to go!
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
7 years ago#15
I like Naota.

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User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#16
star paladin cross.

shes a complete cornball.

User Info: 55PP

7 years ago#17

Best companion is either fawkes or rl-3. although, Fawkes can get annoying because she usually will kill everyone in the area before you do. rl-3 is a great pack mule, because it never will use anything you hand over, other than stimpaks IIRC. I also remember reading somewhere that if the pc reaches the lvl 30 cap, fawkes is invincible w/ 70+ DR and over 300, 000 hp.

And it seems like alot of people really don't like clover...

User Info: Hunter319

7 years ago#18
In my experience I think Clover is the worst. She went down by a mere raider. I only played thorugh with clover, charon, fawkes and dogmeat, I love dogmeat but Fawkes as said earlier is a god. Although he takes all the xp from killing everything.

User Info: lord_abortion

7 years ago#19
I'd have to say Clover, she goes down fairly easily
That she does haha. I'd say Butch but I think thats because I just don't like him as a person. Clover usually just stands by my bed in bombshell armor.
GT: Wise Birthgiver

User Info: Red_Minx1989

7 years ago#20
In my opinion, here's best to worst combat wise. This is all assuming you've got Broken Steel, which is when followers really shine.

Fawkes: Virtually indestructible at level 30, and an infinite Gatling Laser to mow down the poor enemies.

Sergeant RL-3: Tough as hell at level 30, great carrying weight since he doesn't come with any equipment. His Plasma Bolt and Flamer are both great in combat.

Dogmeat: Tough as **** at any level. I got him at level 3 w/ Broken Steel and he never died or lost much health when fighting even the toughest of enemies.

Star Paladin Cross: Good, but she loves melee and comes with a rather ****ty weapon, so you'll have to give her your own. She really only shines at high levels. Comes with decent armor so you don't necessarily have to give her some.

Charon: Always seemed prone to dying at later levels for me, weaker than others. His shotgun was great, but giving him my good armor to keep him alive was a pain, and the only good armor is heavy armor so his weight limit is strained.

Jericho: Same problems as Charon, but weaker. He also pauses between shots, letting the enemies mob him.

Butch: You need to supply him with everything. Weapons, gun, ammo, and armor. His strengths all depend on what you give him, and he's a pretty weak follower.

Clover: You also need to give her everything. She's weak in combat, will run at enemies with her pathetic Sawed-Off Shotgun and usually get killed. Also, that slave collar can be annoying unless you outfit her to hide it.

Now, here's the list personality wise. Who you want to follow you, and why.

Dogmeat: Mans best friend, and always a pleasure to have around. Plus who doesn't want to recall fond memories of previous Fallouts?

Butch: He's fun to have around, he's funny, and a reminder of life on a better, less blood filled time. And free haircuts on the go isn't bad either.

Sergeant RL-3: He's a fun time, all the time. Anti-Communism lines, calling you sir, and kicking ass in the name of America is in his blood....er circuitry....

Clover: Your own slave whore! Sounds fun right....for the first five minutes. The "lover" thing gets old and tired, she constantly *****es about her gun and what Eulogy is doing. You can't stop it either. Bigger gun? Sorry, to her even the MIRV sucks. What's Eulogy doing? Lying in a pile of bodies.

Jericho: It can be fun when you first get him, and hear him talk about how he missed life here. However, no matter how long you've had him he'll still talk. Plus he's paranoid. I was in a damn field and he was talking about sniper towers.

Star Paladin Cross: Complete lack of personality, and is pretty plain. She's not a blast at parties, I can say that much.

Charon: My god, all those years of slavery made this man a husk. He has no personality or emotions other than pissed off when fighting. It's like having a Protectron follow you.

Fawkes: Can't...talk...normally. The Super Mutant scream in fighting is so annoying and will be complete hell for stealth characters. Having a walking green building with a speech impediment isn't a fun time.
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