Your Most memorable moments in Fallout 3.

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User Info: Chaosoldier1986

7 years ago#1
1) Hearing Jericho say "Better him than me" when Burke kills Simms and I kill Burke.

2) Watch a Super Mutant fail at killing a Yao Guai.

3) Watching two Deathclaws fighting each other.

4) Killing any Outcast that says "Hey Local! Shoundn't you be banging rocks or something?"

5) Gnome fixing a Toliet / Robot pooping Scrap Metal into Toliet.

6) Point Lookout's Acid Trip

7) Making the Super Mutant Behemoth Rocket Jump to death by chucking Frags at it.

8) Discovering Andale's Skeletons in their Closet on my first playthrough and avoiding since.

9) Discovering you can Reverse-Pickpocket little kids by giving Bumble Raider Painspike Armor.

10) Liberty Prime attacking Megaton. "Oh wait...."
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User Info: 777mike777

7 years ago#2
***************SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!!!!***************

1) Watching Megaton blow up for the first time.

2) Liberty Prime pwning.

3) Liberty Prime dying!

4) Controlling a deathclaw!

5) Gauss Rifle!!!


7) Ripper 2.0!!!

8) He took my baby!

9) Falling down 2 stories = Awesome!!!

10) Marijuana is cool dude.

11) Cows! We got cows!

12) Spock! Status report!

***************END OF SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!***************
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User Info: aCRAZYanarchist

7 years ago#3
1) AntAgonizer vs the Mechanist

2) vault 112

3) letting the ghouls loose at tenpenny tower

4) every time the mysterious stranger appeared

5) malcolm mcdonald is president .... and a machine

6) pants exploded

7) harold the talking tree

User Info: Twibb

7 years ago#4
In no particular order...

1. Raider Baseball with frag grenades and a baseball bat

2. Seeing a satellite nuke the ground in front of you.

3. Killing Seagreave Holmes, wearing his clothes, dragging his corpse to the back of the room, and hiding there until Security stops looking for me.
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User Info: hchuckydog

7 years ago#5
dad dying.
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User Info: RedRIngsODeath

7 years ago#6
The first time i left the vault, best beginning ever
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User Info: wargamefreak

7 years ago#7
first encounter with a centaur
first encounter with a behemoth
vault 87
destroying raven rock
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User Info: wargamefreak

7 years ago#8
Twibb: 3. Killing Seagreave Holmes, wearing his clothes, dragging his corpse to the back of the room, and hiding there until Security stops looking for me.

wow, just, wow... lmao
"when in doubt, C4... if you cant solve your problems, then simply make them go away..."- wargameexpert: December 29, 2007-June 30, 2010

User Info: 2K_Fan

7 years ago#9
Listening to Rivet City's preacher do his sermon while walking to the church and as soon as he gets to the pulpit, he's done and walks away.

The Raider SatCom fight where you find the chessboard with mini liquor bottles and mini gnomes.

Sneak attack grenade toss on the 4 people stand off over the refridgerator full of water.

First time I got to GNR plaza.

Fort Bannister: Revenge on Talon Company / Combat Armor Repo Man.

VR Vault / Tranquility Lane

Jury Street Metro Grocery Store (Great Job, Developers!!!)
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User Info: Maxmanana

7 years ago#10

Damn. Almost every decent, and not so decent, game I play imprints some sort of memorable moment into my memory. And just as with the previous Fallout games, Fallout 3 is no exception. However, I can only recall a few of the top of my head:

Spoilers dead ahead!

1) The first time you encounter the behemoth outside the Global News Radio station as part of the main quest (especially cool if you've never encountered one up 'till this point)

2) During the first couple hours of my first playthrough I was working on the Wasteland Survival Guide quest for Moira Brown, I was at the stage where you have to plant that probe thing on the Milurk spawn in that tunnel under that statue, I remember saying to myself "How can they call this a Fallout game when there's no freakin' Deathclaws, I wanna get clawed!" (disgruntled due to the fact that I hadn't even heard anyone mention them yet) and upon leaving the area and walking up the stairs outside to investigate the area above the statue's base I almost fudged my pants when I was suddenly pimp-slapped for like 1/3 of my health and saw this freakin' huge nasty claw swing by my face (3rd person view), I turned around to discover that it was, as luck would have it, a Deathclaw. Luckily, it only had roughly 1/20 of its HP left so I just about managed to kill it after some strategic strafing and a few well placed shotgun blasts to the face. Again, I was pretty disappointed, and I suppose lucky, due to the fact that I didn't actually get to see a fully fledged healthy one until I was level 16 - 19 while exploring outside the Dunwich Building near the F.Scott Key Trail & Campground

I'm pretty sure this was a scripted encounter, so there's plenty chance that other people have had the same experiance.

3) I was doing some recreational exploring near the D.C ruins when I saw some raiders and a super mutant battling it out. One of the raiders had some sort of machine gun whereas the others had melee weapons, as well as the super mutant. Unfortunately, they were fighting near a broken down car which just happened to be sitting between the raider with the machine gun and his target, the super mutant. The mutant had just managed to kill the other two raiders when the car that was between the last raider and the mutant exploded due to absorbing one too many stray shots, blasting both the raider, the mutant, and the two corpses into tiny little bits and propelling those pieces off into multiple directions. Once I reached the sight of the battle down the road all I could find was the eye of one of the raiders that the mutant killed. Oddly enough, I was still able to loot the dude's corpse by merely having access to his eye! The rest of their remains elude me to this day...

4) I can't remember where it was, it was late and I was exploring the area around this place with some overturned train cars. Sheltered underneath one of the cars was one of those DIY shopping cart cage things and inside it was a teddy bear. I thought this was cool and started messing around with the cage by stuffing it full of random rubbish to see what would happen if I closed it once it was full. Several minutes of fiddling later, I heard the battle song start to let me know that an enemy spotted me. I was all like "Oh for Pete's sake, not another dude that needs killing.", as I turned around all I saw was this huge behemoth running towards me, which, again, caused me to fudge my pants. But my luck served me well yet again, as once the behemoth got within range his melee attacks couldn't reach me inside the cover of the overturned train car. From this defensive position, I had to unload practically everything I had on this behemoth, including some grenades, all the machine gun ammo (can remember the specific caliber) and shotgun ammo I had. The 100% condition shotgun I had was like 12% or something by the end of this encounter. I think it took be about 2 reloads and 15 or so minutes to get out of this one

Trying to sharp-shoot a behemoth in the head with a shotgun while simultaneously trying not to be hit by a fire hydrant that's swinging around is more difficult than it sounds, and the last part rhymes!

I know there's more stuff that's happened to me during my time with this game but, for now, I can't think of anything else.

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