Lost follower (charon) didnt tell him to wait...? possible spoiler

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User Info: Walkman_005

6 years ago#1
So he was with me till I went into vault 112, when I finished the tranquility mission, I believe he was still there. Then I fast traveled to rivet city while james was running there.

When I got to rivet city, he was gone. Charon that is.

And now I can't recruit star cross paladin or whatever.

I have charons contract in my inventory, if I drop it can I lose him?

And I've waited over a 100 hours. I didn't receive a message that he returned and he's not in the underworld.

What do I do!?

User Info: spifffeb68

6 years ago#2
Go back to vault 112. He might still be there.

User Info: Sczoyd

6 years ago#3
I'd just go to some area where followers will automatically leave you. If you have any of the add-ons, those are all solo-areas, and if you go to them your follower will be fired. That should cause him to go back to Underworld.

User Info: QB_gullygamer

6 years ago#4
You cant drop charons contract its a quest item. he probably still is at vault 112. if you have not done the quest yet then SPOILERS

get arrested by the enclave during the waters of life quest. you will get a message your followers were fired. in which case means they will return to their recruitment site. except for dogmeat, he will be waiting @ 101.
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User Info: Walkman_005

6 years ago#5
Had to reload and apparently when I got out of the tranquility place he was automatically waiting for me.


User Info: Wally6500

6 years ago#6
When you enter TL in vault 112 your followers stay next to the pod until you re-invite them back. I have this happen to me every time.
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  3. Lost follower (charon) didnt tell him to wait...? possible spoiler

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