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User Info: zebatov

4 years ago#1
I couldn't find anything through searching so have to ask. I've read about the easy way to get the Firelance through reloading a Type A random encounter repeatedly. I used that method at Kaelyn's B&B to run to Vault 106 until it happened, and got it that way. Now I think the random encounter there at Vault 106 is written off for the remainder of the game.

I'm looking for the wounded Deathclaw/dead wanderer random encounter for the schematic. My question is, where is the next closest random encounter from a fast travel point? I've heard Smith Casey's Garage is close. So I tried that, but it was a good 30 second walk at least.

Also, I've read that each point only loads from a set of all possible encounters. Rather than going through each one before repeating. Meaning, it picks five or so possible encounters for that location and then repeats those randomly. Rather than randomizing one out of the total number.

So, if the reload trick isn't feasible or not easy due to the above being true, would running to each point eventually net me the schematic?

What happens if I've already triggered the encounter and not realized it? Does the body stay there until I come across it again? Or will it be removed once the three day mark has been reached? Is it even possible to trigger it by running past a random encounter (not facing the spawn location, but entering inside the trigger point) area and not notice it?

User Info: zebatov

4 years ago#2

User Info: POWERSLAVE_815

4 years ago#3
if I remember correctly there should be a campsite south east of the area you receive the nuka cola challenge quest but north of the creepy ghoul infested building far south of your map.

If you google deathclaw schematic fallout wiki it should give you a better idea of where it is exactly. That website helps alot.

User Info: GrimKusanagi

4 years ago#4
Also it's probably to late now but for future reference you can use the Super Duper Mart right out of the vault for a spawn point.
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User Info: sigma_1932

4 years ago#5

^everything you want to know about random encounters... including a map that shows the spawn-points as well as rough descriptions to go with it.

Just one key thing I'll point out here-- once triggered the first time, random encounter locations don't change, they just reset and play the same encounter again if they're non-unique. So, if you're able to fast-travel to a location, you've probably already triggered a random encounter site nearby (unless it's pretty far away from the spawn point), meaning you might be wasting your time by going from there.

Best thing you can do is find a spawn point of the correct type (type A for the DCG schematic event), then, the first time you go through that area, figure out where exactly the actual trigger threshold is through trial and error by using multiple saves, then just keep reloading a save from just outside the threshold and re-entering it until you get the event.

Regardless, outside of the random encounter, one DCG schematic always spawns out in one of the trailers at the F. Scott Key Campground in the far southeast corner of the map, and another can be obtained as a reward for helping Bannon in Rivet City stop Seagrave Holmes from taking his spot on their council.
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