Your most powerful weapon in the game?

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User Info: rifle98

4 years ago#21
Terrible shotgun and Lincons repeater

User Info: DanKiller7

4 years ago#22
My fists with the paralyzing palm skill.
Collateral Shot! This is too easy..

User Info: pWN54Ss

4 years ago#23
Well, it'd be the MIRV.

But in terms of usefulness then it'd be a tie between the glitched Gauss and the Backwater Rifle

User Info: Jimmy_Jumper

4 years ago#24
Sniper Rifle, death from afar

User Info: Doorgo

4 years ago#25

With the PL perks, and a descent sneak attack... It makes Overlords scream like little piggies as they drop! Even Reavers and Albinos can't turn fast enough to get off an attack before getting cut down. The gratuitous blood spray mucking up your vision gets a little old though.

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User Info: VirtusEtIgnis

4 years ago#26
Jack the Ripper!!!
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  3. Your most powerful weapon in the game?

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