Tenpenny and Crowley questions

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User Info: FranchisePlayer

4 years ago#1

I'm having trouble completing the "Shoot em in the Head" quest. I stole all the keys from Crowley, and agreed to the ghoul. When I go back to Tenpenny, he gives me the 200 caps reward, but...nothing happens. No experience is gained, the quest is not complete. I can get into dialogue loops with Tenpenny that make no sense, seeing that Crowley is dead, but there's no advancement/completion of the quest.

I can kill Tenpenny, and my quest marker will be aiming at the dead body of Crowley...so I'm in a severe jam with this particular quest.

Where I have my save point is, Crowley is dead, and I'm heading to collect from Tenpenny.

I did a little bit of reading, and it seems like this is a fairly known problem. But...am I screwed, or is there somethin I can do to fully complete this quest?
Mike Lakomiak.

User Info: neo revolution

neo revolution
4 years ago#2
Looking at this (spoilers): http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/You_Gotta_Shoot_%27Em_in_the_Head#Bugs

It seems it's only fixable on the PC by using the console, so I'm assuming you're going to just have a broken quest unless picking up the armor will end it for you.
GamerTag: Ophiotaurus

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#3
i am pretty sure if you grab the armor the mission ends, try that.
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