Fun Playstyles For Next Playthrough?

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User Info: CodyTwoHottie

4 years ago#1
well i just finished this game the first time now i feel like playing it again the thing with RPG's like this is picking a new playstyle my last playthrough i used heavy weapons after i got alot of caps i bought myself a heavy weapon with alot of ammo my second weapon of an energy weapon now for my next playthrough i don't have a clue which i wanna play as

Sniper seems fun eh but the problem is what if they get too close too me Death Claws will be . . ugh the death of me yeah

Unarmed this one seems fun alot of work but it seems like once you get the build too your liking it will be very funny and fun

thats all different styles i could think of if you can help me out it be very nice but i think one of those two i might want too be the most but if you have something else in mind please tell

User Info: TheMisfit

4 years ago#2

A whole big list of different playstyles.
GameFAQs user & enthusiast for over 10 years.

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#3
interesting link.

i had thought about doing an "enclave infiltrator" whose task is to take down the brotherhood from the inside. only thing is my chuck norris badass already did that. :(
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