ATTN :mb32770 & SCIV vets.

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User Info: SamEJIV

4 years ago#1
What the hell is up with all those topics man? Not know how to use the board?
Or are you.. trolling? O_o

Anyhow. What happened to my beloved board. :-/

Ah, the good times we had... Good times.
I'm working double shifts AND overtime... I gotta tell you man,, being the best is a FULL time job! PSN:SamEJIV

User Info: Porcupine

4 years ago#2
look on the bright side now this board looks just as busy as the SC5 board

User Info: Dragonruler9999

4 years ago#3
I rather have this board alive for V anyday.
...The Creator Of RyuKe...
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  3. ATTN :mb32770 & SCIV vets.

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